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Bunker (Midtown) (Formerly Alley Katz)
2019 O Street
Sacramento, CA
[Tuesday 7:30 pm]
[Thursday 7:30 pm]
Thursday, Apr 20, 2017


Tokemon Trainers
Hernandez Heard There Wasn't a Beer List At The Bunker
Fuck It. We'll Do It Live
Hopefully Not Last
Brew Crew
Wait, This Isn't Coachella
Stevie Wonderbread
Alternative Facts
Quiz Venue Logo

Please Don't Bagpipe Me

Josh Prime

Happy 4/20 Geeks!

I had a lot of fun hosting tonight! I was a little surprised there wasn't more pot related team names. Tokemon Trainers were our only pot pun and they landed themselves in first place. This was their first first place win ever so congratulations!

Round 1 was our Reddit AMA round. I was really surprised more folks didn't get Dracula when the question specifically named Van Helsing. Maybe my lifetime of Buffy watching is what impacts my thinking there. On a side note: Buffy being off of Netflix really fucks with my life. If I am just sitting at home wanting to kill an hour, I used to be able to throw on the musical episode, or the one with no talking. Except now if I want to do that I have to dig around and get the DVD box set out. Maybe this isn't a problem so much as a mild inconvenience, but its still a big deal!

We shamed Fuck It. We'll Do It Live and Brew Crew after round three for doing worse than chance. They had to listen to the fail horns from price is right. Is there anything more shameful. Maybe next time someone gets shamed I should play Rick Astley music to really make it sting. Regardless, the round was pretty tough, I was surprised more teams didn't wind up fail-horned. Who knew that Mongolia and Cleveland had so many facts that seem like they could be true of either place? I certainly didn't. I will definitely be wearing patent leather shoes no matter which of the two I visit, now that I know its against the rules.

I had assumed Buffy and Dollhouse would be back a month later, as Netflix sometimes has to deal with that when a contract expires. Not so. Instead, I found out that season 2 (and only season 2) of Bob's Burgers is next on the chopping block. Now I am not saying season 2 is anything super special, but it just seems really arbitrary to me that Netflix is losing one of the middle seasons of a show, and keeping the rest. Correction, they only have Bob's Burgers up to season 5. How will I ever catch up!?

Sex Ed was a fun round, particularly since I was introduced to some geek parents tonight. Then I proceeded to talk to them about putting genitals in your armpit and "bagpiping" them. I have so many questions. First, what is erogenous about that? I mean, I suppose anything involving a dick is probably sexual to someone. Is there squeezing involved? Do you blow air into the person at the same time like a real bagpipe? Can I get a guy to make the squealing bagpipe noise if i slam my arm down hard enough? Maybe this has led us into a weird area. Moving on.

I have never read War and Peace. I have to hope that most of you did in preparation for the War and Peace round tonight. I bought the War and Peace book on tape and it was 60 hours long, so instead I just didn't read it. I bet the cliffnotes is like 100 pages max. Speaking of, cliffnotes is largely just a website now. How do they make any money at all?

I feel like this blog has been posing a lot of questions to the 6 readers I have. Maybe I am trying to inspire you to think more critically about the world around you. For example: who decided that backspace and delete needed to be separate buttons? Similarly, who decided to get rid of one of them on laptop keyboards? That person seems reasonable and aware of what the word "redundant" means.

We had a tie for third place between Fuck It. We'll Do It Live and Hopefully Not Last. It was an impressive turnaround for Fuck It. We'll Do It Live after their brutal shaming in round 3. Anyway, the tie breaker question was all about the top score in an arcade game. Both teams guesses were less than four digits. Arcade games have hundreds of repeating levels. Get it together teams!

I am getting sleepy. Normally I am watching a silly TV show or something during the blog writing. Tonight, I am jsut sitting in bed and that is making it more difficult to stay awake and provide you with pithy commentary about the quiz. Oh, I almost forgot, The Duece played tonight. I could make a joke, but it would probably be too predictable.

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Until next time,


Hey Friends, I'm Josh Prime and I am from the most hated state in the country, New Jersey (seriously, they did studies). Whatever, I don't have to pump my own gas and never make left turns so... deal with it. Sometimes I mispronounce things and blame being from Jersey too, maybe that's why people hate the state. Aside from my Jersey pride, I am all about pop culture and video games (Nick Arcade anyone?... Anyone?). I keep suggesting a round on 90's Nickelodeon, I want to see everyone rocking out to the All That Theme song - remember when that was a thing? It's been real, it's been fun, its been real fun. See ya at the quiz.