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Pizza Rock (Downtown)
201 N 3rd St
Las Vegas, NV
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016


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Pizza, Beers, and Pub Quiz... OH MY


     Welcome back to another fabulous installment of the Geeks Who Drink Blog! I hope those of you who played had a FANTASTIC time! I know I did! Yesterday’s Quiz was pretty entertaining, and perfect for you first timers.  For those of you who don’t stalk the GWD Facebook page as frequently as I do, let me fill you in! We obtained a new Quiz Venue, none other than the fabulous  Pizza Rock downtown on 3rd street! Yours truly now has a permanent venue, and I plan to kick some serious ass at this hosting business, as well as maybe gaining like 20lbs from all this pizza I'm about to destroy ;)

     First off can we please talk about how our Geeks went retro in Round 1, naming Spin City as the show that both “Charlie Sheen and Michael J. Fox were in, as deputy mayors for “Rocky Horror” star Barry Bostwick.”? Spin City?? Can you guys please take a moment and appreciate this with me? If this was on Netflix, you guys wouldn’t hear from me for weeks. This show was golden:

     Also mentioned in round one, which I personally thought was pretty hilarious, was the fact that “It took the narrator 9 seasons to get to the point.” Referencing “How I Met your Mother” which should totally be called “How I still want to bang your Aunt Robin.”  Let’s talk about the Mean Girls mentions for a second shall we?  The biggest cult classic for millennials since SLC Punk or Requiem for a Dream.  Bravo, Geeks, Bravo. Keeping up with the semi-retro theme, Adam West was also mentioned. While most of you may know him as the quirky somewhat deranged Mayor of Quahog, he also was one of the original Batman’s. In fact, back then they literally made card board signs with words like “POW!” and “WHACK”, if you have a chance you should totally check it out, it’s pretty golden.

     Moving onto the bonus round from round 6. For those of you not sent up as tribute from your teams the question was as follows: “The Salem witch trails started when two little girls threw and inexplicable temper tantrum, near the tail end of what century?” Your Answer was The 17th century.  We must have great timing here @ GWD, this Friday is actually a full moon, pretty spooky right? I know the seasons are changing right now and everyone is beyond thrilled to start busting out our scarves and coats. But honestly I think we should be hosting our own Witch Trials in search of those already wearing Uggs and drinking Pumpkin Spice anything when it’s still 80 degrees outside. Am I Right? Kidding… Kind of. Time for your team break down!

     ALDERAAN ANSWERS came in a very close second place, an astounding 73 points!  Coming in at 1st place, and the winners of a fabulous $50 gift card to Pizza Rock, RG3 AND OUT with 76 points, pushing them into the lead! I will say it was neck and neck for majority of the game, and all the teams did very well!  


     Anyway that concludes our recap on last nights quiz, can I throw in a #throwbacktuesday? I hop you guys love it as much as I do and I can’t wait to see you all again next Tuesday! Farewell my friends, until next time!



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