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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Apr 17, 2017


4 Well-Traveled Forest Elephants
If we Dropped the Biggest Bomb, Why is Amy Schumer Still Here?
Long Island Iced Teacup Yorkies
The Winners
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I thought of something clever to go here, I swear!


Weeeeelll, it's a the quiz shooooowww. And now with that outta my system... as well as pretty much everything that had been inside of me until Saturday... Food poisoning is a bitch. It really, truly is. That's all I'm gonna say on that front...

Anyways, let's have some quizzness!

Round 1 was straightforward, and only a little bit confusing. Each answer was a two-word phrase made up of 2, 5 letter words. Pretty easy for a lot of folks. The audio round was an assault on our ears know as songs from the "MUSIC BNB STYLE" Youtube page.... It was awful... it sounded like dying giraffes trying to sing modern songs (which, granted, most of the songs sucked in the first place)... Moving right into round 3, we had a classic 50/50 round that saw players trying to suss out whether some random weird factoid was about Mel Gibson, or Steven Seagal...Either way. weird fuckin' dudes.

Moving into Round 4, we had 11 points between each of the top 3 teams. 4th place had to ruin it by only being 5 points behind...I'm looking at you "The Winners"... Anyways, the fourth round was all about plants, and hippies... because, y'know... Flower Power! The visual round showcased 8 eyepatched characters from films, and players had to identify the character, which of course lead to the argument of whether to say Mad-Eye Moody, or Barty Crouch Junior.... Because, y'know, it's the same guy in the picture included on the visual round. Annnyways, moving on. Round 6 was a turning point in the night...by which I mean, everyone turned on me because everyone hated the ridiculous questions on the Puritans. Oh well.

Jumping back into the mix with round 7, we got an audio round straight outta the Big Apple. Each clip featured a television show set in New York. 30 Rock i my personal favourite on the list, though I wish Kimmy Schmidt would've been there too. But, that's okay, I'll take Broad City. And Finally, we ending things with a Random Knowledge round that ACTUALLY HAD A HOCKEY QUESTION! Yeah, It's Stanley Cup Season, so we had our annual 1 question about Hockey.

And that's it for another exciting installment of what happened this week at G Street Wunderbar.

Your Winners:
1st Place- 4 Well-Traveled Forest Elephants
2nd Place- If We Dropped the Biggest Bomb, Why is Amy Schumer Still Here?
3rd Place- Long Island Iced Teacup Poodles

and, coming in 4th, for the 3rd week straight, we had The Winners.

Thanks y'all! See ya next week.

-Sean Oh.