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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Apr 10, 2017


That's Assault Brotha
Aren't You Supposed to Settle These Things in the Ring, United?
Tophers Designer Spyro Underwear
The Winners
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Kate's Back! Rod too, but Kate is better.


Alrighty folks, welcome back. I promise I won't bore you with WWE stuff this week.

A pretty solid showing at G Street, including the return of "The Winners" who had so much fun last week at their first quiz, that they decided to drag a friend along to up their chances at glory. We also had Kate back behind the bar, now that she's all married and whatnot. Rod and Co. Were here this week, and we talked about Wrestlemania, and the AWESOME new Thor: Ragnarok trailer.

Anyways, onto some Quizzness.

Round 1 was a quick wordy round, where all the answers ended in an "-at" sound. Round 2 was an interesting Audio round. Basically, in addition to the song titles, teams had to identify the original artists, however, the clips all had 2 renditions of the songs by the original artist, and a well-known cover. Round 3 was a 16 point round, where players had to identify the first and last items in any given category.

After a quick scoring break, we had some pretty close scores (except "Pussywillows", but, they were having too much fun to care about scores). "The Winners" were even holding up in second place.

Round 4 reminded us of how lucky we are that we no longer have to deal with broadband dial-up Internet. Instead, we get wifi access almost everywhere we go. The visual round celebrated cakes! Each cake pictured was in honour of a different series/franchise. Round 6 was all about World War 2, and Weight Management...because we needed to make a Battle of the Bulge joke work out.

Rolling into the final 2 rounds, we had some stiff competition for the top spots. Round 7's audio was all about movies that topped the box office on this day in history. The funny part was seeing how many teams actually got the Fast & Furious one, seeing as how there are 8 goddamn movies... And only like... 4 of them are actually good. Random Knowledge came up next, and kind of kicked a lot of people's asses.

Your Winners:
1st Place- That's Assault Brotha
2nd Place- Aren't You Supposed to Settle These Things in the Ring, United?
3rd Place- Topher's Designer Spyro Underwear

Thanks for comin' out y'all! I had a blast. See ya next week.

-Sean Oh.