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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Apr 03, 2017


We're All Still Fucked
Didn't Trump Tell Flynn That Immunity Causes Autism?
The Winners
Champagne Papi
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The Last Ride of The Undertaker...Also, Quizlemania!


Okay, so before I get into the Quiz Recap, I've gotta just talk about Wrestling for a bit. Sunday night (as probably like 2 of you know) was the biggest event of the year in the WWE. That's right, it was Wrestlemania! For those who don't really get the whole pro wrestling thing, lemme give you a quick explanation of Wrestlemania: It's the super Bowl, The World Series Finals, The NBA Championship Finals, and The Stanley Cups Finals of WWE. It happens once a year, and is the culmination of all the current storylines going on in the WWE. These storylines can have anywhere from 5 weeks, to a full year of "build", and usually Wrestlemania is the payoff to following the intricacies of said storylines. It's a big freakin' deal. Anyways, for those who don't know (though I'm sure many people have heard of him) there's this character known as The Undertaker. This guy is the shit. He's the biggest legend in the history of WWE. His career has spanned 3 fuckin' decades. He's an undead cowboy type guy, who has just been this completely dominant force throught time. I could go into more of his history (complete with a backstory of burning his family's funeral home down, and killing his parents, and disfiguring his brother and turning him into the Demon Kane, but I digress)... This guy has been around for literal generations of pro wrestling fans...and This past Sunday night... He had his last match against this guy Roman Reigns. Now, to make things short, basically, Roman Reigns is a character who is SUPER divisive amongst wrestling fans. He's been crammed down our throats as the next top guy (ala, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena), but here's the problem: Nobody likes it. Nobody likes his character, who is a hulking badass of a Samoan, who has been portrayed as the underdog, whilst also being completely unbeatable (for the most part)...Doesn't stack up, right? That's what I thought. Anyways, this character retired the legend, the Phenom, The Undertaker... Now, what I gotta say about this is simple... I know that these 2 men are portraying characters in a semi-fictional universe. But I gotta say just how bad I feel for both of them. The performers who portray these two genuinely seem to be pretty awesome people in real life. And now that Roman has officially cemented himself as THE MOST HATED MAN IN WWE, I can't help but to feel bad for the actor who plays him. It's a terrible burden to be pushed to the moon with everyone and their grandfather hating you. It sucks. So props to you Joe Anoa'i (Roman) for handling this weight upon your shoulders. And Thank you to Mark Calloway (The Undertaker) for being the amazing character you have been for so many years. I will always remember your legacy fondly... Thank you Taker.

Sorry about that. Just had to get it out.

Now, Onto some Quizzness!

Pretty good post-spring break crowd tonight. Even drew in a couple of new teams. And it was nice to see Corey, Pauline and the gang back (under the guise of We're All Still Fucked).

Round 1 was pretty fun. It gave a few questions that would likely be posed to fictional characters if they were to host a Reddit AMA. Round 2's audio portion was dedicated to artists who have April Birthdays (btw, Posh could never be considered the lead singer of the Spice Girls). Round 3 was a 16 point round where I gave teams a route, with a start point and end point. They had to name the two points for a point each. Basically this round brought to you by Xibit (we heard you liked points, so we put some points in your points so you can point while you point).

Moving into the middle section of the quiz. Round 4 was a round all about Alaska, our weird Russian/Canadian state of the North. The visual round featured a bunch of fictional characters who are well known by only their last names. Technically we were looking for teams to put the full name of the characters, but no one did, so I let it slide...This time! Round 6 was brought to you by Day Man, fighter of the Nightman, champion of the sun (who happens to be a master of karate and friendship to everyone, Day Man!). It was round all about Philly and climate change (get it? It's Always sunny in Philadelphia...get it?).

Round 7 was another pretty cool audio round. This time all about TV shows to be identified by their origin story episode clip. Some were pretty easy catches (looking at you Friends and Rugrats), while some of the others were only caught by folks who really know their shows. Round 8 was our Random Knowledge round, as per usual. And I gotta say, y'all who put down hockey for one of the Air Bud sports, you clearly forgot that the movie is MVP: Most Valuable Primate, and features a goddamn Chimp playing hockey, not a dog...

Your winners:
1st Place- We're All Still Fucked
2nd Place- Didn't Trump tell Flynn that Immunity Causes Autism? (after beating out 3rd Place in a tiebreaker round)
3rd Place- Tuppertoots

Thanks for coming out, and having fun this week. Thanks to Kendig for covering for Kate while she's off getting married or something lame like that.

See y'all next week!
-Sean Oh.