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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Mar 27, 2017


Joe Montana Was a Quarterback, You Crazy Asshole
Wait, isn't The Silver Legacy in Reno, Not Vegas?
Team Cream
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Congrats to Kate and her Kiwi!


Whew! What a few days has it been for little old me. Friday, my mom and I drove up to Portland to visit my brother and help him pack up his apartment. Then Sunday we drove from Portland to Ashland to break up the trip, and then Monday was a drive straight from Ashland back to Davis, with just enough time for me to ready my materials and head down to G Street Wunderbar. IT's been crazy, and I have had barely any time to rest before jumping back into work. But, that's the way I like it. Especially with Wrestlemania coming up this weekend, and getting ready to watch it from the comfort of home. Bluh...

Anyways, this week was a pretty interesting quiz, with some new teams, and some veteran teams squaring off in the Quizdome. It's spring break at UC Davis, so there were interesting folks out and about on a Monday night. I got into a verbal sparring match with a bar patron who didn't appreciate the guy on stage throwing light shade his way. I stand by what I said, and I hope he enjoyed taking care of his drunk 21st birthday friend.

So, let's get to some quizzness:

Round 1 was pretty fun. Each answer contained the name of a cut of meat (giggity). The first audio round of the night was your standard, "This Day in Overplay" round, which led us all to questioning what chart "Imposter" by Snow topped. Round 3 was a simple 50/50 round on random quotes from either Senator Elizabeth Warren, or Olivia Pope from Scandal. I particularly hated how many times I had to quote Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" to the twisted amusement of the crowd.

Moving into Round 4, we had a solid leader in the form of our 3 time (in a row) champs on the team formerly known as "Rod and The Bitches", and currently known as whatever Adam Sandler movie quote Rod can think of that week. Round 4 was all about famous people...well, not so famous people, who happen to be related to actual famous people. But hey, if you're as weird lookin' as Clint Howard, I guess you'll always get roles playing a creepy looking weirdo. The visual round featured images of Television characters from shows that they were never on, because, well, they were dead to begin with. Just makes me excited for the Twin Peaks sequel coming out soon. Our Round 6 was something from the future, or rather, at this point, the past? Idk, it was a round on "The Future" or things that have to do with that abstract concept.

After the final scoring round, and even more banter from myself, the players, and even our (soon to be wedded) bartender Kate, we jumped right into the final 2 rounds. Round 7 was another Acrostic style audio round where the first letter of the films from 7 clips spelled out the title of a movie directed by the answer to number 8. Some teams need to educate themselves and see goddamn Three Kings, because that movie is just a load of fun. And of course, we ended with a rough looking round 8 full of random knowledge.

Your Winners:
1st Place- Joe Montana was a Quarterback, You Crazy Asshole!
2nd Place- Wait, Isn't The Silver Legacy in Reno, not Vegas?
3rd Place- Milksteak

a fun week, really. I'm sorry I was a bit more out of it than usual, but that's just what happens after a day of driving.

see y'all next week!
-Sean Oh.