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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Mar 20, 2017


That Damn Sasquatch
Dankey Kang Sux!
How 'Bout Them Blue Devils?
Supa Hot Fire!
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Finals Week? What's that?


Well, St. Paddy's Day has come, and gone, and there is no more green beer in sight here at G Street Wunderbar in Davis. It's all good though, because we totally still listened to The Dropkick Murphys (because Kate is actually okay with me playing what Bobby used to call "fighting music"). A chill night was had by all. I guess finals really are keeping folks from enjoying the glory of Pub Quiz, Drink it in Maaaaannnnn.

Anyways, let's get down to quizzness!

As always, our current events round informed my uninformed ass about the goings on around the world lately. Hey, look, I'm sorry I don't keep up with the times...not when there's Lucha Underground to binge watch on Netflix... Anyways...Round 2 had a theme to it, where each song title grew by 1 word more than the previous song title. All the way until we hit "There is a light that never goes out" by The Smiths. Honestly, this round could've been completely comprised of songs from Fall Out Boy, and The Smiths...and I wouldn't mind a bit. Round 3 was definitely my favourite round, and we should do it more often. Basically, each question was a terribly Google translated version of a famous quote, from which teams had to guess the correct movie. Almost as good as last week's Terrible Amazon reviews, but not quite.

After a quick scoring break of me standing out in the rain... We got back into the action, with a clear leader after the first 3 rounds and a very wisely used Joker on round 2. Round 4 brought up a very sombre subject...the ultimate finality of human existence... Death...Well, sudden death to be a bit more specific. The visual round this week celebrated all of those movies that took some of our favourite animated films from our childhoods, and bastardized them into weird looking CGI/Live Action films... If he weren't Cryogenically frozen, Walt would be spinning in his grave. And Round 6 was totally what everyone has been clamouring for.... An entire round on Igor Stravinsky! I know, it's exciting, but only 1 team got a perfect score on this round... I wonder why?

Coming into the final leg of this Quiz Race, we had an audio round that claimed to be TV Theme Song Slow Jams...But, in reality, the slowed down Iconic tunes really just came off as horrifying...Except Hawaii 5-O...I'd get down to that. And of course, round 8 was Random Knowledge, and it kind of kicked everyone's ass...

Your Winners (with only a point between each place):
1st Place- That Damn Sasquatch
2nd Place- Dankey Kang Sux
3rd Place- How 'Bout Them Blue Devils?

Thanks all for coming out! I know I had fun, so I really don't care about what level of fun you had! I kid, it haunts my dreams when you all don't enjoy your time at Pub Quiz.

-Sean Oh.