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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Mar 13, 2017


I Wipe My Own Ass
Ventupperware Partura
We Slacked on a Team Name Again
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Sopranos and Atlanta Falcons: They both blow big leads!


Well, it's finals week at UC Davis, which means that many folks couldn't make it out this week. And that's okay! We had some tried and true teams come to throw down at the Wunderbar. So, let's get to work on some Quizzness.

We kicked things off with a simple round where all the answers were the names of Superheroes. Patrick, Eric, and I got into an argument about whether or not Flash Gordon counts as a superhero, seeing as how he saves every one of us. Round 2's audio round was all daisy-chained together by song title. 2/3rds of the teams got perfect 16 point rounds (with jokers making 32), and blew things out of the water. Then we moved along to my favourite round of the night. Each question included a year, and a real negative review of a movie based on Amazon Movie Reviews. Quite amusing summaries of some solid movies (especially Air Bud. That movie is great).

After a quick scoring break, we got back into things with a great titled round "Tic-Tac-No". Each answer began with either X or O and there were never 3 in a row. This week's visual round embraced the idea that men are terrible at caring for children. Each image was from a movie featuring a male lead who gets put in charge of kids. Is it just me, or does it feel like in all of these movies, the kids in question are actually huge assholes? Or is that just all kids... Round 6 was a round all about Sopranos! No, not the incredible HBO original series, but the high-vocal ranged singers.

Coming into the final 2 rounds, we had 2 teams fighting for 1st place, and the last team bringing up the rear with a hefty lack of points. But that's what happens when half your team leaves midway through the quiz. Round 7 was our second audio round, this time all about "period" TV shows, which Katie pointed out makes no sense because all shows are set in specific "period". Round 8 was of course random knowledge, and it was a close race for the top slot, but Rod and crew came out on top with their all-around pub-quiz supremacy.

Your winners:
1st Place- I Wipe My Own Ass
2nd Place- Ventupperware Partura
3rd Place- We Slacked on a Team Name Again

Thanks everyone for coming out, and fighting for the prize. We'll be back again next week, as per usual!

-Sean Oh.