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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Feb 27, 2017


The Glory Hole of Tupperware Nation
Last Place
Game Over Man, Game Over
The Giant Douchebags
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Punk'D: Academy Awards Addition


Well, it's another Monday. Bill Paxton is dead, and La La Land got juked out of the Best Movie Oscar. It's been a weird couple of days, and unfortunately, Trump is still our president... And fucking Suicide Squad got an Oscar. But, we'll always have pub quiz.

This week was pretty fun. We had some enthusiastic "Douchebags" (no, seriously, that was a team), who joined up. We had a good showing of regulars with whom I had my usual terrible banter with. And of course, we watched Cartoons instead of sportsball summary all night.

Now for some quizzness.

Pretty simple Round 1, with all answers containing the letters H-E-R together and in order. We learned that The Weather Channel spurned Twister for The Perfect Storm as their first full-length movie shown on the network... Round 2 was fucking delightful! We got 8 amazing covers of songs as performed by The Swedish Chef from The Muppets. I want 10 full length albums of these covers... I need it. And we all deserve it. Round 3 was all about New York City, and how dumb everyone who visits there really is.

With 5 teams sticking around to play past round 3, we got back into things. Round 4 was the round that none of us asked for, and none of us needed. It was all about Malaysia, and everyone did remarkably well on it. This week's visual round threw together some dope renditions of classic art featuring modern pop-culture. If you're on Reddit, I highly suggest r/ModernRenaissance, it's a similar fell, and vastly amusing. Round 6 was metal as hell, because it was all about Massacres.

The second audio round of the night featured 8 TV shows that are all at least a decade old. That's right, Spongebob has been running longer than most elementary school children, as has been a pile of shit from the get-go. Round 8 was the ballbreaker Random Knowledge round, and everyone was pretty much right on the same level of "the fuck?".

Your Winners (Don't worry, I've got the correct envelope):
1st Place- The Glory Hole of Tupperware Nation
2nd Place- Fuuuck...
3rd Place- Last Place (liars)

Sorry to everyone I cursed at, except not really. 18 hour Monday work days are not fun.

-Sean Oh.