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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Feb 13, 2017


YOUR Name is Needledick!
The 4 Horsemen
Gushing Spillway
Dam it Oroville
Captain Obvious
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So, if the region is flooding, does that mean we're out of the drought?


What up Oroville area refugees! Glad to see y'all didn't get too wet getting out of dodge. But really, no one from that area was in attendance this week. But, we here in little ol' Davis have been talking about it all damn day. Anyways... An interesting quiz this week. I was terribly out of it after a very long week of working my day job. But, that's no reason to let my faithful Quiz-Kids down. Some other...stuff happened, but I don't need to go into that.

Let's get onto some quizzness!

Now, I personally don't stay up on current events, as most folks know, so whenever we do a Recently in Stuff round here at G Street, I get a little caught up on the goings-on in the world. Our first round covered stuff like the Grammys, and stuff to do with Vogue and Nordstrom. Round 2 was a round on popular songs...that their artists actually hate (or in the case of Mandy Moore and Lady Gaga, just the video). Moving along to Round 3, we had a very special round. It was a 50/50 round, where each question was either about Schindler's List, or...Howard the Duck... Yeah... You'd be surprised how many people confuse facts about the two classic films.

After a quick scoring break, we got back into the action with a round all about sponges, and toursist stuff. Like the Great Chris Jericho says: "Soak it in, maaaaan". Round 5's visual portion was all about Franks. Whether they were Franklins, or Franks, or even Frankies. Round 6 taught us all about some goddamn etiquette. A lot of people don't have any etiquette, so learn some, you losers.

To finish up this week's quiz, our round 7 featured various clips from different TV shows all to do with characters doing theatre, because, hell yeah, that's why. Round 8 was all random knowledge, as is wont to happen.

In the end, there could only be a winning 3 teams.

Your winners:
1st Place- YOUR Name is Needledick (2nd week straight after returning)
2nd Place- The 4 Horsemen
3rd Place- Gushing Spillway