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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Jan 30, 2017


Ah Fuck
2007 Was a Decade Ago
Mordecai and The Rigbys
Goth Attorneys At Law
Did Anyone Tell Trump the Line is "You're Terminated" Now?
Margarita on the Rock-Weiller
Hi Five a Freight Train
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We already know I'm bad at Math, but apparently I can't count either!


Another Monday night, another quiz at G Street Wunderbar! And what a night it was! We had a return of the team formerly known as Rod and The Bitches, and we wound up having a ton of teams! The bantering is always better when we have a bunch of people, even when it means I get made fun of when I forget something simple like how to count (but to be fair, the numbering on the audio round tracks were a little wonky, so I blame that).

Now, Let's get down to Quizzness!

We started off the night with a pretty simple round where all the answers either contained "this" or "that", and yes, some of them were hidden in other words (looking at you Thatcher and Thistle). The aforementioned audio round contained exclusively songs in the imperative mood (or, y'know, telling people to do things). Some really solid scores on this round. Though I'm disappointed that someone thought Rock the Casbah was by Styx...Though I would totally listen to their version... Anyways, Round 3 was an extra 16 point round. Teams had to identify the number between 1-9 to answer the question. If they got it spot on, they earned 2 points, but if they were off by 1 either way, they still got 1 point.

A quick scoring break saw some early leads, and 2 teams who would wind up tied for a while.

Round 4 saw us all remembering Mary Tyler Moore. And Honestly, I was surprised how many teams did pretty well on this round. Our Visual round showed "iconic" props from movies and TV shows, which players had to name. Gotta say, I'd totally buy the Dexter blood sample case... Because... yeah... Anyways... Next we had a round all about the good old USA flag, and folks who never got to do the dirty (I appreciate the Nicola Tesla getting Fucked by Edison joke).

Another scoring break down, and we still had a tie between the same teams. Love it.

Round 7 was a straight repeat round after last week. This time the 3-second song loops were from TV show themes. A few of them sounded like you could totally use them as a beat for electronic music. The final round (which everyone kind of did terribly on), was of course, Random Knowledge!

Your Winners (after a tie breaker for 3rd place):
1st Place- Ah Fuck
2nd Place- 2007 Was a Decade Ago
3rd Place- Mordecai and The Rigbys (formerly Rod and The Bitches)

A fun week everyone, thanks for coming out, and letting me curse at you.

-Sean Oh.