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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Jan 23, 2017


Dr. Tyra Banks, Champion of Civil Rights, Succeeds in Eradicating Prisons Nationwide
I Guess The Packers Couldn't Cut the Cheese
Raw Dawg, or, Nah Dawg
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It's not "Fake Quiz" it's "Alternative Trivia"


Welcome to Pub Quiz here at G Street Wunderbar, another pretty fun week was had, and it was a little more calm that previous weeks because the students at UCD have realised that they can't go out and drink on a Monday night. A lot of stuff has been going on since we last met, so obviously there was way too much to joke about! We had the inauguration, we had the Women's March, we had "Alternative Facts", we had The Atlanta Falcons pull off huge upsets over both Green Bay and Dallas. And we have pub quiz. The best of all of it.

We started this week's quiz off with a rather difficult round that made sentences out of famous people's names. Like "Tyra Banks a shot off the glass". Yeah, not a strong start for anyone, but, that's the way it breaks down sometimes. Round 2 was another toughey, in that 7 songs were played, and teams had to identify which song didn't sample a James Brown song for their final 2 points. Round 3 was another 16 point round, where teams could put down 1 or 2 answers. If they put down 1 and it was correct, they scored 2 points. If they put down 2 and one of them was right, they only got 1 point. It was a pretty challenging first period of quiz. But I think it got a little simpler from here on out.

After a quick scoring break, we dove into Round 4, which was all about Assassinations, and take out food. Round 5's visual had players identify TV Shows/Movies based on a fictional work of art. And finally Round 6 was all about camouflage, and commas. Because Commas are awesome.

Round 7 was a little tricky, but still pretty fun. We took 3 second loops of scores from big movies, and made teams sit through them being repeated over and over again...At least it's not Shitty Flute! Round 8 was a solid random knowledge round, that was actually super random knowledge, seeing as how no team got higher than 8 points (without jokering).

Your Winners:
1st Place- Dr. Tyra Banks, Champion of Civil Rights, Succeeds in Eradicating Prisons Nationwide
2nd Place- I Guess The Packers Couldn't Cut The Cheese
3rd Place- Raw Dawg, or, Nah Dawg

Thanks all for coming out! I had a blast. See you next week!
-Sean Oh.