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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Jan 16, 2017


How 'bout Dem Cowboys?
Tupperware Nation
Super Mustard World 64
4 Days Until Hell Freezes Over
I Thought this was Speed Dating
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Robot Chicken on a Monday Night at G Street! It's worth that annoying Quiz Guy.


Happy MLK Day Quiz Kids! It's another week here at G Street, and things were pretty darn fun. A few new teams, and some regulars showed up tonight, with the return of Corey's team (4 Days Until Hell Freezes Over), and a group of folks I call some best friends from High School (and don't worry about nepotism, because Quiz-Law is stronger than friendship).

This week was pretty neat, in that all the teams seemed to be pretty evenly matched throughout most of the quiz, with the final scores being a gap of 11 points between first and last places. Our first round was all about current events, so obviously I didn't know any of these things. Round 2 were a bunch of remixes/covers/parodies of some of our favourite '90s songs. Though I don't think anyone knew the Portishead song.... Moving along to round 3, we had a 50/50 round all about Butts and Brains, which, is pretty fun.

After our first scoring break, we had a 6 point gap across the board, with the twofer team "I Thought This Was Speed Dating..." topping everyone with an early Joker. Round 4 was all about glasses, lenses, and vision problems, like how Vision can't decide how much paprika to use... Yeah, I made that joke. Deal with it. Our Visual round was an ode to some fictional scientists from our childhood (mostly), and even an appearance from Krieger-San. And Round 6 was on failed New Year's Resolutions, like fitness, diets, church, family, and smoking.

We returned from the next scoring break with just 7 points between 1st and last places. It keeps things interesting not knowing who is the clear winner at this point. Our next audio round was comprised of sound clips from movies featuring people in the military, or just having a shit day on the job. More people got The Devil Wears Prada than I expected, which was pretty dope. And of course, we had our gauntlet of Round 8. And I gotta say, out of all the Random Knowledge rounds I've seen, this one just seemed to contain some of the most random questions. Like, who knows the amount of wine consumed per-capita amongst east coast liberal elite states?

Your winners:
1st Place- How 'bout Dem Cowboys?
2nd Place- Tupperware Nation
3rd Place- Super Mustard World 64

Thanks all for coming out! See y'all next week.

-Sean Oh.