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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Jan 09, 2017


Were The Golden Globes in Las Vegas? Because I Saw Meryl Streep
Tupperware Nation
Nebby, Get in the Ziploc Bag
I Don't Know How You Call Mixed Martial Arts Not an Art..
Don't Know Why Not
Bottle Caps
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Did anyone else notice Kirsten Dunst's "Golden Globes"?


Well, now that my birthday has come and gone, the "Holiday Season" for me is officially finished, and what better way to start my first post-birthday-weekend-week than to come to quiz and have so many people! We had a bunch of teams tonight (some old, some new, all awesome and complete assholes), and a pretty packed bar. But, that's what happens when the students of UC Davis come back to town. Alabama and Clemson had a solid game that no one cares about, and now Football season is pretty much done, finally.

So, let's get down to some quizzness.

We started off the night with a tricky little round where, starting with question 2, all the questions had words or terms that could logically be the answer to the previous question, so if that was the answer you put down, you would've needed to have that eraser handy. Round 2 celebrated Dave Matthews' 50th birthday, so we Crashed into some of his covers, and the scores Came Marching in...I'll stop befotre the Gravedigger comes after me. Round 3 was a sooner or later round all about current TV show casts, and I'll say that the scores in this round fluctuated wildly between 2 points, and 12 points... I guess folks don't pay attention to the casts of TV shows that much...

After a quick scoring break, we had some solid showings from the top 3 teams with scores of 42, and 41 respectively, with a tie for 2nd. Round 4 was a fun little round on Sacks, Phones, and Saxophones, or as I've always known them: Saxamaphone (Thanks Homer). The visual round this week was called "Not Pictured: The Second Episode of Glee" which was all about TV episodes where the series "Jumped the Shark". Get it? Because Glee was awful from the get-go? Anyways... The next round was about famous duos, and the words used in the NATO phonetic alphabet. Pretty fun little round with some solid scores.

The next scoring break saw some distance being put between the top 3 teams, and everyone else with scores like 63, 60, and 58 respectively. Round 7's Audio portion was all about folks who have earned official EGOT status (for those unfamiliar with 30 Rock, that's folks who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, or honorary versions of said awards, but those totally count dammit). This round also saw pretty much everybody singing along to Day-Oh, just like Beetlejuice. Round 8 was Random Knowledge, and most teams did pretty good on it. Much higher scores than I would've guessed, even though Eric failed to answer the single Hockey question...

A solid week overall, and it was cool talking to the newer folks as well as a few lookers-on who had a lot of questions about quiz.

Your Winners:
1st- Were The Golden Globes in Las Vegas? Because I saw Meryl Streep (say it with a slightly Russian accent, and it makes more sense...)
2nd- Tupperware Nation
3rd- Nebby, Get in the Ziploc Bag

A fun, solid week, and I hope to see more of those newer teams showing up more often.

-Sean Oh.