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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Jan 02, 2017


Apparently Turkey Has the Santa from Futurama
Happy Birthday Guy!
Dirty Mike & The Boyz
Sweaters 'N Shit
Quiz Venue Logo

I am one with the Dirty Mike, and the Dirty Mike is one with me.



It's a New Year, yes it is! And here at G street, it just feels like another Monday. Which, is totally okay in my book. 2016 is over and done with, and thank the gods for that. 2017 is gonna be awesome for everyone! Except, y'know, all the people that the incoming presidential regime will target...And really just the American peoples...

Annnyyywaaaayssss.... Onto the quiz! We had the return of Guy, Emily, Matt, and Brett this week, which is always pretty cool. And they were out celebrating Guy's birthday! How cool is that? We also had a few more teams, so that was cool too. Met some folks who have played once or twice before, and they seem like they'll be into coming regularly!

Moving onto so Quizzness:

Round 1 was a solid start with a wordplay round where every answer contained "left". We saw Eric take his first free beer from the bonus round. Round 2 were songs by artists who are celebrating their birthdays this month (just like me on Thursday!). And round 3 was a super sexy math round that went together with the Quizdoku theme. And, Eric managed to score the next bonus beer by just a hair.

After a quick scoring break, and me getting some amazing tater tots, we picked things back up for a round in memory of one miss Carrie Fisher. Rest in peace princess. Be one with the force now. I forget who won this bonus question, but I think this is where Eric's winning streak took a nap. Moving right into round 5, we had a visual round all about fictional archers....I was disappointed to see that Sterling Archer wasn't included.... Get it? Round 6 celebrated a few things that have a special relation with Seattle, Seabirds, Sailors, and Software Development. So, yeah, that was a thing. Eric got back in the game after this round to score another bonus beer.

And then we took a break. By this point in the night, Sweaters 'N Shit had kind of given up the ghost, and started playing cards as well as quiz, but they stuck it out until the end. Round 7's Audio portion was worth a solid 16 points. 1 point for the celebrity name, and 1 point for saying whether or not they are Canadian. This round was actually kinda tough, because the voices of remorse of the celebs in the clips sounded so much different than their usual voices. Round 8 of course was random knowledge, and had a good shoutout to some pretty exciting Nintendo games.

Of course only 1 team can walk out the champ, so here are the winners:

1st Place- Apparently Turkey has the Santa from Futurama
2nd Place- Happy Birthday Guy!
3rd Place- Dirty Mike & The Boyz

After the quiz was finished, I had a nice conversation with Dirty Mike & The Boyz, and turns out that none of them are actually Dirty Mike, but we discussed the idea that maybe we all are "The Boyz" and we strive to reach a spiritual level known as "Dirty Mike". Something to think about!

See y'all next week!

-Sean Oh.