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The Post Brewing Company
105 W Emma St
Lafayette, CO
[Thursday 7:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Comey Is My New Homey
Comey Don't Play That
Sibling Rivalry
Donald Trump's Glove Sizer
Bomb Beth & Atomic Adam
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Just Missing Pierce Brosnan's Hairy Chest


Baby, it's cold outside, so let's gather around the broken fireplace, turn on 'Mrs. Doubtfire', order a delicious craft beer and answer questions about the number of scoops of ice cream our president eats.  Cozy, right?

My name's Trevor, and I had the great honor of covering for Lauren this week to bring you all a quiz for the ages.  The quiz itself was pretty standard, but holy crud have you tried this place's food?! IT'S AMAZING.  I wish all of the quizzes I could host at wined and dined you this deliciously.  That chicken.  That green chile mac 'n cheese.  That beer.  That movie where Robin Williams is in drag so that he can be near his kids playing in the background.  That constant attempt to get everyone to look at Pierce Brosnan's hairy chest at the worst possible time.  I love it.  I love it all.

Seriously, there may be a malicious attempt to steal this place from Lauren.  Don't get me wrong; Lauren is amazing.  Like, really, really amazing.  She's pretty cool.  I would likely lose in a straight up fight against her, but delicious chicken and cozy quizzes turns friends into frienimies.  I want more chicken.

I need it.

I will start printing out photos of The Post and the teams and Lauren and chicken, tack them up on a wall, and start connecting them with twine to find ways to make this my own.

I will go full on Disney-villain to get that chicken.

This is happening.

This is happening.


I was the one at the last Geek Bowl who got to say "black tar heroin suppositories" in Round 1. Thanks Obama. I can still do the alphabet backwards when drunk, even when not handing out free beers for knowing things like Barbara Walters' cup size (which is 100% un-google-able, in fact it will lead you right back here to this very web page). 

I'm skinny, blonde, and my reading glasses make me cross the line into dirty hipsterdom like Superman and Clark Kent, except instead of super powers and a journalism career I get an opinion about Radiohead and a headache while staring at computer screens.

Tip your waitstaff and stay classy.