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Piper Down
1492 S State St
Salt Lake City, UT
[Wednesday 7:30 pm]
[Sunday 8:00 pm]
Sunday, Mar 19, 2017


We're gay for LeFou
The Hollywoo Allstars
What does Germany know about fascism?
The Outsiders
Don't shake my hand
Mr. Peanutbutter
Chuck Bury
Sissy Jupe
A Barry un-timely joke
Jesus wants me for a threesome
Fake News
3/4 Flamingos
Patsy as Elvis
Quiz Venue Logo

No one smolders like LeFou

Dr. Nick

Congratulations to We’re gay for LeFou for winning, and boy, wasn’t that movie so worth all the controversy?? (Spoiler alert: it was not.) 

In second, The Hollywoo All Stars! And now, on this anniversary of John DeLorean’s death, we talked about your time travel missions, which incidentally all involved a lot of sex.
I love you perverts.
Ramses the Second was quite a dick
To enslave and build monuments was his shtick
To him I would go
As a mummy, you know
And fuck him till his bandages stick
Back in time I would go
To fuck a woman we all know
A crazy night
A wondrous sight
It would change the way history would flow
Back to Mary’s skin so soft
To a time before her son’s birth in a trough
Mary’s virginity
I’d take vigorously
Now you can stop killing my people quite so oft
Jesus with his hippy hair
Blowing on the cross
Inspires me to blow much more
Then what my pagan tongue will toss
I am a time traveling horse
To Catherine the great of course
I would travel back
And fuck her crack
That is what I would endorse
Once upon a Midwest crest
I lay upon Mike Pence’s breast
I take his head, caress it dear
And snap it off, through and clear
Oh, you’re so fit
Your bald head is like a catcher’s mitt
I’d forever do your laundry
If you’d let me go to town on you, Ghandi
Through time I would travel quick
To a woman whose beauty was slick
A furious night
Set things right
I would help create Dr. Nick
Twenty years hence will I find my lover
Whether they be son or daughter
I’ll stroke their hair
Then blast their derrier
In front of Dr. Nick, the father
The speed is 88 miles per hour
To find the man I would deflower
Still young and firm
It was Newt Gingrich’s turn
She traveled far back in time
From a land where all words rhyme
To find me
I was drinking tea
She fucked me so hard I became a mime
After stopping to punch Hitler’s cock
I’d head back to nuke Plymouth Rock
So those puritan jerks
Can’t gum up the works
And Pocahontas will suck on my cock
To find the river / I would take my DeLorean / and fuck that phoenix
‘Cuz why the hell not / she was once very hot / I’d go fuck Clinton
To napoleon / I travel to in time / to sit on his face
His voice was like silk / but he drank and beat his wives / I’d fuck Bing Crosby
Mary Queen of Scots / is who I would travel to / to fuck cuz why not