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Yukon Tavern
5819 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR
[Monday 7:00 pm]
Monday, Oct 03, 2016


Unoriginal Yukon
The Organisms
An alien force more violent and sick than anything you can imagine
He Thinks it's a Schwinn
The Original Un-Original Yukon
Johnny's Girlz
Queefer Sutherland
Blumpkin Castle
The Winning Temperments
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Cleveland Sucks

DanMaster Quiz

I can't believe it's already October. Remember there is quiz next Monday on Columbus Day. Portland would probably prefer to call it 'Indigenous Peoples' day but get over it.

Good ol' Weenus was one of the first teams at Yukon along with The Winning Temperments who intended to prove they were anything but. Returning two-time winners showed up right on time as Random.

For clarity, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. I said it was opinion last night but it's a fact. We can debate at the next quiz.

The Organisms like to show off their music knowledge and did again on Round 2, but for some reason already used their Joker on a perfect Round 1. It's your Joker, that's what I always say. Unoriginal Yukon and An Alicen force more violent and sick than anything you can image also got top marks but were able to double up.

It was already a weird start to quiz and Round 3 continued that theme. Most of you were able to work out some ballets vrai except Random who can't tell a tutu from a toupee apparently.

I used to watch the music video for Jimmy Eat World's 'The Middle' every single day online. I really liked the song and I'm sure it had nothing to do with all the girls in their underwear. We had a question on Fenway Pahk and some Cleveland fan already wanted to talk shit.

I love Bojack Horseman and Vincent Adultman is one of the funniest running gags in a TV show. That answer was a difference-maker too because only Unoriginal Yukon and Random got perfect 8's.

We'd probably all like to forget about Round 6 except for Johnny's Girlz who got the only perfect score.

I don't know which one of you requested kinky prison scenes for Round 7, but no this isn't that type of quiz.

The last round was a tough one so the hopeful Jokers were left hanging. My mouth decided to stop making words as I stumbled over 'horror author' and 'peculiar'. Tina Fey does have an Emmy for playing Liz Lemon, she won it in 2008 though. Props to Queefer Sutherland for giving me landlocked countries for a question on the Yellow Sea. And I got to finish on my story about the first time I saw guidos in real life at Six Flags New Jersey.

Random scored just enough to eek out a second place finish over The Organisms. Unoriginal Yukon didn't even need to catch my math mistake earlier, they still finished 12 points ahead of everyone else for victory!

My name is Dan and I enjoy most things. My favorite things are: my girlfriend, television, and my cat, Mowgli. My second favorite things are: beer, board games, and burgers. I'm from New England but I don't have an accent unless I get too drunk (then it comes on wicked hahd).