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Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.
390 Capistrano Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017


Book Hockey
Legolas My Eggo
Ancient Mariners
It's Raining Cat Stevens
Taking Back Tuesday
The Real Book Hockey
MENSA Rejects
Brass Monkeys
Outta Power
Three at the Bar
Raiders LOL
Cheech and Chong
Quiz Venue Logo

It's Always Sunni in Pakistan


What a Shiite pun to start the night.  Anyway, it sure as shit hasn't been sunny in Half Moon Bay.  The storm on Sunday did some damage to my roof which sucks.  The storm yesterday wasn't much better, especially if your BART train hit a felled tree.  Glad you're okay, Ryan.  So yeah, that sort of sums up the week.  Not the greatest ever, but at least it isn't 2016.  Also, I liked Rogue One.  Just thought I'd throw that in there.

So we had a quiz for those of us brave enough to brave the storm.  It started with a round on Pakistan and then went into bad country covers of songs some of you knew.  Round 3 was about art and a chance for me to say "wang" into the microphone.  Round 4 was the saddest round ever, and if I would have thought about it, I would have played that awful Sarah McLachlan arms of an angel song on a loop.  Round 5 was trying to figure out celebrities and their celebrity doppelgangers.  Round 6 was on heists and Round 7 was on fake doctors.  Round 8 which is usually really fucking hard, had an almost perfect score.  Well done teams!

With an extra 16 point round, we had some pretty high scores this week, which makes our current cumulative competition a little interesting.  MENSA Rejects came in 7th, but to be fair, one of their guys was delayed with the BART tree.  6th went to The Real Book Hockey and 5th went to Taking Back Tuesday.  4th went to It's Raining Cat Stevens and 3rd went to The Ancient Mariners.  Not bad since both of those teams were missing members as well.  I made a joke to a new team about Legolas My Eggo not being great and they sure as shit showed me up by coming in second!  And that left first (with I think the highest score we've gotten so far) to Book Hockey thanks to a 15 point round 5 and 15 point round 8!  

I had fun.  I hope you guys did too!  See you every Tuesday at The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for Geeks Who Drink!

Jared is most definitely a geek who drinks. In addition to hosting a pub quiz, you're likely to find him in a mosh pit at a punk rock or thrash metal show. He collects records and comic books and types about himself in the 3rd person. His greatest trivia accomplishment is he once won a trip to London on a game show that he wasn't a contestant on. His greatest drinking achievement is the 30 Equis Challenge. He's smart, funny, and good looking. So, naturally, he's taken. By his wife of over 15 years. Play his quiz every Tuesday in HMB!