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Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.
390 Capistrano Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016


Book Hockey
Still Feeling the Bern? Go to a Clinic!
Make Merkins Great Again
Not Dead Yet
Coastside Butt Sluts
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Would You Accept Sadomasochism? As an Answer or a Lifestyle?


What a week it's been.  It's almost Halloween, which just happens to be my favorite holiday.  The new season of The Walking Dead started, which just happens to be my favorite TV show.  The Adicts are playing tomorrow night in Santa Cruz, which just happens to be my favorite band to see live.  The Rocky Horror Picture show, which just happens to be my favorite movie, had a remake come out and it was absolute shit.  3 out of 4 isn't bad, I guess.  Oh yeah, and it was Tuesday which just happens to be my favorite day of the week since it's time for Geeks Who Drink at The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company!

It was a fun quiz with an easy first round on current events, a difficult second round on weird swing type covers of songs, and a really easy third round on romantic films.  Most teams jokered round 3, but nobody knew the actors from Harold and Maude.  Even after I read their names.  Round 4 and 5 went pretty well for most teams, and then there was round 6.  The best advice I ever received was from Penn and Teller when Penn said something to the effect of:  If you're going to be in an S and M relationship, it's best to be on the S side.  And the S as we all know now, is named after the Marquis de Sade.  Round 7 would have been easier without Harry Caray, and Round 8 would have been easier if the questions weren't so damn difficult.  But all in all, I think we had fun.

Scores were higher for some teams (a 16 pt. round 3 helps) and lower for some teams (missing half your team never helps).  It was close for 6th and 7th with Not Dead Yet just beating out the Coastside Butt Sluts.  5th place went to A3S3 (it should be cubed, but I don't know how to do that without Equation Editor, so I didn't).  4th place went to Make Merkins Great Again (good to see you guys again!).  3rd place, but best team name, went to Still Feeling the Bern?  Go to a Clinic!  Second place went to Book Hockey, and that left first place for Team Soleil!  Congratulations, you guys!  

We're back next week for more fun, and then don't forget that November 15th starts our second cumulative tournament!  See you Tuesday at The BrewCo!

Jared is most definitely a geek who drinks. In addition to hosting a pub quiz, you're likely to find him in a mosh pit at a punk rock or thrash metal show. He collects records and comic books and types about himself in the 3rd person. His greatest trivia accomplishment is he once won a trip to London on a game show that he wasn't a contestant on. His greatest drinking achievement is the 30 Equis Challenge. He's smart, funny, and good looking. So, naturally, he's taken. By his wife of over 15 years. Play his quiz every Tuesday in HMB!