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Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.
390 Capistrano Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016


Smarty Pints
Gold Medal in Mediocrity
He Who Controls the Pumpkin Spice Controls the White Girls
Last of the Mojitos
Coastside Butt Sluts
Big MK
Blaine Train
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We Don't Need No Water, Let the Oedipus Burn. Burn, Oedipus, Burn.


I have a rather busy life, so let's talk about that for a bit.  For my day job, I teach statistics.  For my unpaid night job, I host The Rocky Horror Picture Show and play Riff Raff.  During October, everyone and their mother wants to go to Rocky Horror, so all sorts of random places start showing it.  So this weekend, my cast road tripped to Reno to put on a show at the Aces Ball Park as part of their haunted house attraction and then the next night at the UNR campus.  So of course, we went up a day early to drink and gamble, because why the hell not.  Sadly, as a stats teacher, I understand the rules of probability, so I wasn't surprised when I lost.  But it doesn't make losing suck any less.  But still, it was a crazy busy, but super fun weekend.  

Oh yeah, and my paid night job is a quiz master for Geeks Who Drink at The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.  Also, a lot of fun.  And this week was no exception.  We started out with about ten teams and worked our way up to 15 since people kept showing up and deciding that it sounded fun so they might as well play along.  And it was fun.  Round 1 was something about getting crabs from the people in Baltimore and round 2 was something about goats in Chicago.  Round 3 was about guessing if it was a man or a woman, so the playlist featured the same theme.  If you didn't catch the songs, it was David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel", "Lola" by the Kinks, "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" from Aerosmith, and of course, Tim Curry singing "Sweet Transvestite".  You're welcome.  Round 4 was apostle themed, round 5 was cat themed, round 6 was trumpets, crumpets, strumpets themed, and round 7 was about possible Canadians.  Bryan Adams is Canadian, but he isn't Richard Marx.  And the last round was round 8.  State rivers starting in other states is just about as impossible as it sounds.  And Oedipus was a real mother fucker, wasn't he?

So yeah, we had some great teams playing, some teams back from France or other travels, some teams that were new, but a whole bunch of teams having fun.  Soleil came back to claim 8th place and did it by tying a team of one named Me.  Big MK dropped to 7th place, although they did enjoy their reserved table for 2nd place last week.  Newcomers The Coastside Butt Sluts took 6th, and A3S3 tied for 4th with The Last of the Mojitos.  Best team name of the night went to the 3rd place He Who Controls the Pumpkin Spice Controls the White Girls and 2nd place went to Gold Medal in Mediocrity.  That left 1st place for The Smarty Pints, who aced and jokered round 2.  Well done all of you!

There will be quiz for the next two weeks, but there is no quiz on November 8th due to the Brewing Company's election party.  And then on November 15th, we'll be back for quiz for another 12 (or so) week cumulative competition.  So clear your schedules and we'll see you every Tuesday at the BrewCo at 7:00!

Jared is most definitely a geek who drinks. In addition to hosting a pub quiz, you're likely to find him in a mosh pit at a punk rock or thrash metal show. He collects records and comic books and types about himself in the 3rd person. His greatest trivia accomplishment is he once won a trip to London on a game show that he wasn't a contestant on. His greatest drinking achievement is the 30 Equis Challenge. He's smart, funny, and good looking. So, naturally, he's taken. By his wife of over 15 years. Play his quiz every Tuesday in HMB!