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Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.
390 Capistrano Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016


Missing Piersons
Book Hockey
Big MK
Taking Back Tuesday
Bull Shark
Team Texas
From the Cut
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2016: The year we lost Bowie, Prince, and the Giants elimination game win streak


I was expecting a strange night for quiz since we're so close to San Francisco and the Giants were playing their 3rd elimination game of the post season.  Spoiler alert:  They lost.  It was a strange night, but it was also a fun one, and with the exception of the Giants fans, everyone had a good time!

Last week I saw one of the greatest show line-ups I've ever seen.  It was Discharge, Eyehategod, and Toxic Holocaust.  Punk and metal at its finest.  I don't know why I write about shows I go to, other than to remind you that my life is more awesome than yours.  I also did Rocky Horror in Cloverdale over the weekend.  Think Mayberry and maybe you'll understand.  But it was a lot of fun!

Oh yeah, and there was a pub quiz.  I missed the debate, so I didn't get to see the amazing Ken Bone and his sweater, but that didn't stop you guys from doing well in Round 5.  I don't know why it would have.  Round 3 was my favorite type of round 3, and I knew Bruce Willis from David Addison.  I'm old apparently.  Round six was on buttholes.  Or rectums.  Or something that was fun to say over and over again.  And I knew dweebies, dickheads, and wastoids for the last question.  

With a night of many regulars (especially high scoring regulars) missing, it freed up the top spots for some new blood.  Geeks Who Drink veterans from Texas, Team Texas, took 6th, and the family out to dinner that stayed to play, Bull Shark, took 5th.  Taking Back Tuesday almost cracked the top 3, but settled for 4th.  Big MK won the tie breaker between them and Book Hockey for 2nd place.  And that left first place for the multi-generational (parents and their Stanford graduate student daughter) team, Missing Piersons!  

This weekend I'll be missing the Pumpkin Festival by hiding out in Reno.  Good luck with the traffic those of you who remain here.  And I'll see you Tuesday at The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company at 7!

Jared is most definitely a geek who drinks. In addition to hosting a pub quiz, you're likely to find him in a mosh pit at a punk rock or thrash metal show. He collects records and comic books and types about himself in the 3rd person. His greatest trivia accomplishment is he once won a trip to London on a game show that he wasn't a contestant on. His greatest drinking achievement is the 30 Equis Challenge. He's smart, funny, and good looking. So, naturally, he's taken. By his wife of over 15 years. Play his quiz every Tuesday in HMB!