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Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.
390 Capistrano Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Oct 04, 2016


A (squared)
Book Hockey
Grape Gatsby
Big MK
Taking Back Tuesday
French Fries
Table 48
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Holding Out For a Hirohito


Remember last week when I was excited about seeing The Descendents live?  Well, I saw them.  And it was awesome!  I don't care how old I get, I'm always going to be jumping around like a moron in or by the pit right in front.  On Sunday night I saw Riistetyt (amazing hardcore punk from Finland) on about three hours of sleep from Saturday night's Rocky Horror.  This weekend I have Rocky Horror in Cloverdale (not Cloverfield), but it's about 100 miles away and then tickets to see Discharge on Sunday.  Who the hell needs sleep, right?  Probably me, but I've just resigned myself to it not happening.  

Anyway, who cares about me, let's talk about the quiz.  That's right, we had Geeks Who Drink last night at The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company and it was also awesome!  It looked like at one point I was going to win third place, but right at the last minute or so, several teams showed up for a fun (and extremely difficult) night of quizzing.  The Hi There round got us off to a rough start and then the Round 2 music round didn't make it any easier.  The Yes/No round was aced by Grape Gatsby, who at the time only had one person on it, (Well played, Tamsen) but the rest of you kept an average of about 4 points.  Round 4 was on fictional maids or butlers, and Round 5 was on Susan Sarandon.  Clearly October really is Rocky Horror season.  Round 6 on truckers and cop lingo was aced by Book Hockey, thanks to Josh whose dad was a trucker.  Round 7 and Round 8 as per usual were quite difficult for everyone. Such is life.

With a couple of regular teams out for the week, we had a chance to have some new winners.  Taking Back Tuesday hit the top 5, and Big MK made it to 4th place.  Grape Gatsby came in 3rd, and we had a tie for 1st between Book Hockey and A (squared) who placed for the first time!  Unfortunately for A (squared), the tie breaker required hockey knowledge, and Book Hockey seems to be more than just a dirty, clever name. 

So that just about does it.  I know I had fun.  I hope you did as well.  See you all next week, unless you're working or in France or Sweden or Arizona or whatever the hell else you might be doing!  

Jared is most definitely a geek who drinks. In addition to hosting a pub quiz, you're likely to find him in a mosh pit at a punk rock or thrash metal show. He collects records and comic books and types about himself in the 3rd person. His greatest trivia accomplishment is he once won a trip to London on a game show that he wasn't a contestant on. His greatest drinking achievement is the 30 Equis Challenge. He's smart, funny, and good looking. So, naturally, he's taken. By his wife of over 15 years. Play his quiz every Tuesday in HMB!