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Double Shift Brewing Company
412 E 18th St
Kansas City, MO
[Sunday 7:00 pm]
Sunday, Mar 19, 2017


Scott's Tots
Pearl Jammin
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Bar Babies


Now that people do not smoke in public, or at least inside most/all buildings, I think brining babies/children to bars is a great idea. I remember being taken to bars as a little child. This was likely before any sort of big tobacco settlements, and I think there was a smoking and nonsmoking section. That is the change, just no more smoke. Now that there is no more smoke, bring in the kids. Why not? I think it keeps everyone a little more honest and adds to a decent early evening out. Maybe I am writing this because I have a baby and I bring him just about everywhere, but I can distinctly remember thinking it was a good idea years ago. If we could now only get the elders of this country down to bars too, that would be great. Not teenagers though. They are the worst. They will always be the worst, and they have to pay for that by not being allowed to socialize in a public atmosphere with anyone other than their peers. They may think this is their choice and not societies imposed rules, but that just shows how little they know.  Teenagers are awful and must only hang out with other stupid pre adults until they get their own cell phone plan and pay their own car insurance. Those are the minimum prerequisites. No one wants to see a 17 year old pounding beers, it’s revolting. No one wants to see anyone pounding beers, and no one would let a baby pound a beer. So, let the little kids in the bar. Until 9:30-10:00 and then get those kids out of the bar. Adults need to get down to serious adult drinking stuff after 10. I hope this is taken as seriously as any statement I make on the mic, basically not.

It was really nice out this weekend. St. Pat’s day on a nice Friday, followed by a beautiful Sat, and then a wonderful Sunday (all liberally sprinkled with basketball). I hope people did not tire themselves out. I thank the three teams that made it through to come to quiz. Bees?  took first place, with Scott’s Totts in second and  Pearl Jammin in third. We had some good talks about medical professionals. Nurses good, Doctors sometimes bad. Apparently, there is a class called “mother baby” in Nursing school. That makes sense I that context, but not when you just say “I studied mother baby” or “I had six months of mother baby”.  That is confusing.  Quiz was delightful, and I brought a baby with me.

Hi. I am Dave! Yep. That's me. I am Dave! I work at a big ol Nonprofit during the day and spent a bunch of my life in the Philippines. I kinda speak Tagalog. This doesn't come up much at the quiz... So, I am Dave! I like beer, am a huge SciFi-fantasy nerd (leaning more towards SciFi) and devour all things zombie related.