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Mister Tramps
8565 Research Blvd
Austin, TX
[Wednesday 8:00 pm]
Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017


Wizards 'N' Shit
Fuck Fuck Goose
Tempura Shelter for Lightly Battered Women
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
March of the Ides
Solid Gold Answers
Sean Spicer is a Power Bottom; Sad!
And the Winner Is...
General Ignorance
Reaming for Vengeance
Sarah & Larrbear
Hairy Squirly Balls
Quiz Venue Logo

Blowing My Nose and Loving It


Hey gang! Thanks for sticking it out with me at quiz. I've been a little sick and just found out I have bronchitis, yay! No worries, I should be right as rain in a few days. I will be good to go this coming Wednesday. 

So, we did indeed have a quiz! QM Kyrsti and her boy toy, Scott, came out to hang with us. They did terribly! Haha! But it's all about the fun for sure. I can't remember their team name, but I'm sure it was something awesome. 

I'm glad you guys braved the SXSW traffic to hang with us. At least we're not in the middle of that shit. I sometimes go down there and fuck around, see what parties I can get into that have free booze, but this year I only went to one party. Brooklyn Decker was supposed to be there, so I got my lips ready. Totally wanted to make out with her. My roommate and fellow QM, Jonpaul Gotye, was a great wingman. He tweeted at her that I was on the prowl for her and she should get ready. She tweeted back! Asked who I was and why she wasn't making out with me. It was awesome! JP then sent her a pic of me to point me out. She didn't tweet back, but that's cool. She lives in Austin. I'm sure our lips will lock one day. I mean, I can dream right?

Thanks again for being at quiz! Hope you had a safe weekend and see you next week!
Chels and Bex

Mister Tramps Wed at 8pm. I have been working for GWD since 2009. That's a long time and I still love it. Can't imagine working for anyone else. I'm also the Special Events Coordinator for GWD.