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The Red Restaurant and Lounge
200 Locust Street
Santa Cruz, CA
[Tuesday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Jul 07, 2015


The Good Guys
A David Bowie Reference
Pun Direction
Team Kick Ass
Supreme Team
Team Name
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Inaugural Santa Cruz Quiz a real 4 Horse Race


The beautiful Red Restaurant and Bar, in equally beautiful Santa Cruz, hosted its first quiz this week and in true competitive fashion it was a tight race all the way to the finish line. The cool, salty ocean air breezed through the second floor bar area on the nerve-racking “first quiz” experience for this venue and myself as a quizmaster; although the teams were anything but salty about taking part in their first quiz at The Red.

I’ll start by saying an amazing wait staff goes a long way in creating a great quiz environment, but this week they went above and beyond by filling out a few of the teams to really give that authentic quiz feeling for everyone involved. That said, a thanks to the UCSC Astronomy Club for aligning the stars to make the quiz this week and leaving with the promise of scouring the rest of the galaxy for more competition to bring into the ring in the coming weeks.

But lets get to the real competition of the evening, the tight race that was this week’s quiz. While an early lead was established by A David Bowie Reference these new teams in Santa Cruz quickly learned the ropes of Geeks Who Drink, and the strategic use of the joker came into play in the middle of the quiz to make this the tightest race I’ve seen in my short career as Quizmaster. Coming into the 8th round of the quiz the top four teams were separated by a total of 9 points with only one team remaining to use their bonus Joker.

Of course round 8, with its higher possible point total and very diverse categories, made for a great jockeying of positions between the teams and great A’Ha moments. But when the dust was settled and the points were tallied we had 4 teams within 5 points of one another, with 1st through 3rd all separated by only one point each. Unfortunately there can only be one true winner of the week, although I feel not only is every team a winner for playing but these four teams made an amazing race to the finish as The Good Guys walked away with the prize in sunny Santa Cruz.  

--Tristan @TristanGregson

Originally from Toronto but now loving the California coast. I may like sports a little bit more than your average Geek but that doesn't mean I haven't played Magic the Gathering professionally at one point in my life.