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Culver Beer Co.
2719 Loker Avenue West
Carlsbad, CA
[Thursday 6:30 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hay House
Stereotypical Trivia Name
Trivia Newton John
Blood, Sweat, & Beers
Team Red Menace
Poodle Canoodle
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Absence Makes the Quiz Grow Fonder <3


Oh boy...it's been 3 weeks since I hosted and I missed my venue! Thanks so much to my 2 subs, Conrad and Mike, who held down the fort in my absence. 

This week we jumped right back in with the usual gamut of current events -- yes, Donald gets more ice cream than everyone else -- and an audio round filled with secrets galore! (Don't worry - Russia already knows because Donald has probably already emailed them....) We guessed (quite nicely) on our "Ridley" facts and refreshed our memories on Brown vs. Board of Education via the usual GWD roundabout on "Browns" and "Board Games." Of course, we had to raise a toast to American Craft Beer Week on the visual round! (As if we need any more reasons to drink craft beer - LOL) "Guardians" of the "Galaxy" made an appearance (I'm going to see that on Monday - yay!) and we all suffered through 8 unbearable renditions of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" - the worst of all by our very own Donald T....whose voice makes me want to hug democracy close and wait for brighter days. 

We ended up with a tie for second place between DANSTIN and Stereotypical Trivia Name, and I got to host my first sudden death quiz-off. DANSTIN pulled through taking 2nd while Hay House took 1st place. Much beer and fun was had all around. Only 2 weeks left to play until they rotate out Thursday night activities so come get in on the fun while you still can!