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21st Avenue Bar & Grill
721 NW 21st Ave
Portland, OR
[Thursday 7:30 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Three's Company (DQ)
Ghost Of Sean Spicer
Circle Jokers
Freak On A Leash
Meth Lab For Cutie
The Special Prosecuters
That Team In the Corner
Black Hole Sons
Evil Camp Tiger Claw
Keep Summer Safe
Anna's In Town
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Wherein QuizMistress A Chats About Anna


My friend Anna is in town!

I met Anna 20 years ago. We both worked at the Hilton in downtown. I was technically her manager but she trained me on the night shift stuff. And sometimes I'd get bored in the middle of the night and call her and she'd come bring me a movie to watch in the back office. 
We both worked Thursday nights and after our shift, we'd go out to Embers because it was the new wave night. We'd dance for hours and make out with boys. Then we'd go to the Roxy and stuff our faces.
But then adulting happened. She had a baby and moved to Phoenix. I mean, a few other things happened in between all that but that's the gist. However she's in town for a few days. She was at quiz last night and we're going to hang out again tonight. Yay me!
In first place last night was Three's Company but with one too many people at their table for a bit, the lion's share of the pot went to an out of town team Ghost of Sean Spicer. The second place winnings went to the Circle Jokers
Ok, gotta get ready to hang out with one of my besties. Stay safe and sexy and I'll see you in seven! xoxo!

Yay! My pets, milk, spooky things, spinach, the color periwinkle, Mads Mikkelsen, Bowie, The Dresden Dolls, hats, skulls, hearts, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, New Girl, Mads Mikkelsen, books, Patton Oswalt, Mads Mikkelsen movies, paper towels, horror movies, and long walks on the beach. Boo! Chocolate (most of the time), maraschino cherries, hate, people who talk to me while brushing their teeth, amaretto, the brown walls in my apartment, worms, and armpits.