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Lumpys Downtown
145 W Pierpont Ave
Salt Lake City, UT
[Thursday 7:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Bad Wolf
Bad Hombres
QCJN / CJNQ / Jack's Harem
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If they don't win it's a SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

QuizGentleman Bryton

Okie dokie, so that was a challenging one eh? I see you're not particular fans of the bible and you're blind when it comes to recognizing celebrity singing voices. I thought Round 7 was kind of easy, but maybe that's because I had the benefit of seeing the names in front of me. I guess if I was going in blank I would have had a hard time too. Thought hopefully I wouldn't have confused Bill Murray with 50 Cent! I mean yeesh.

Jack's Harem was a group of first time players. Hope you had a good time! Bad Hombres weren't quite bad enough to take first, which went to Bad Wolf. Overall, a low scoring quiz but the important thing is we had fun and stayed safe. 

Long time geeking drinker, noted public orator.

Mondays at Devil's Daughter 8pm Tuesdays at Dick N' Dixies 7:30pm Thursdays at Lumpy's Downtown 7:00pm