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Arcadia Brewing Co (Battle Creek)
103 W Michigan Ave
Battle Creek, MI
[Thursday 7:30 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Deez Nuts
Squirtle Squad
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The Day I Tried to Live


What another terrific beautiful night at Arcadia! You really need to check this place out!

Let’s get started with round one, our round on current events. By far the most outrageous and interesting question of the round had to deal with the orange one’s dessert preferences. We found out that he prefers exactly two scoops of ice cream, while insisting that everyone else has one. Donald, that won’t make your hands (or anything else for that matter) any bigger…

Round two was our round on things that Russia definitely hasn’t been told because it’s super-top-secret-classifed-why-are-we-giving-Russia-secrets-oh-God-I-thought-we-won-the-Cold-War. Teams did great in this round, as all teams scored 9+ in this round. Best song came at the end with, as Tom put it, “the song that killed the band”, Mr. Roboto.

Round three was our fifty-fifty round, where each answer was either Daisy Ridley or Ridley Scott. To no one’s surprise, it turns out that Daisy Ridley (<3) was the one who hijacked Harrison’s golf cart on set, cause why the hell not?? Also, no Squirtle Squad, Rei is not Rei Kenobi. (Watch as I eat these words in seven months…

Round four was our round on Browns and board games (also <3). A heart-wrenching moment came early in this round as we were still morning the passing of my man Chris Cornell, as we had to relive the passing of James Brown. Tough night, but great job to Deez Nuts for killing this round too!

Round five might have been the easiest round five we’ve had in some time, as we were tasked with pairing the craft brew with the state in which it was first brewed. This round in particular played to our strengths as Arcadia is a fantastic craft brewery and we live in the greatest region for beer in the country. There, I said it. What??

Round six was our round on Guardians and Galaxies, where we were surprised to learn that “galaxy” is a word derived from Ancient Greek. Next came round seven, where we had the pleasure of listening to a plethora of awful performances of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. It was a close call between Ozzy Ozbourne and Mr. T, but I think Ozzy’s performance (or lack thereof) took the cake.

Finally, we came to the great equalizer, round eight. Kudos to Stew for correctly identifying that Seville was the correct setting for Carmen. Another fun question was deciding whether or not a name was a Pitbull song or a Kentucky Derby winner (love these questions).

Congratulations to Deez Nuts for holding off a fierce Squirtle Squad, who was determined to take the top spot, but just couldn’t close the gap enough. Hope to see everyone next week!