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Reclamation Brewing Company
221 S Main St
Butler, PA
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Kiss Our Blarney Stones
Werewolves of Natrona Heights
Bed Bath and Beyonce
Patiently Waiting for the Rest
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Mike Pence Unicorn Fanfic


The two winning teams tonight were the only two who showed up on time.  Punctuality pays off!  Really helps when the other teams miss the first round.  Pretty ace business in R1.  The bonus question after was bonkers though.  Apparently Mike Pence tweeted "The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse."  Does that mean he goes for a wank after watching the Preakness?  We don't know that he doesn't...

***While at RBC, try: Nugget Pale Ale.  It's a teensy bit sweet, and deceitfully strong.  I had beer breath the morning after.  Mmm hop fresh!

Oh man, R2 was tough.  Turns out, everybody recognizes Styx, but confuses the Go Go's for Cyndi Lauper.  I'll always be a Bangles man, myself.  Walk like an Egyptian in MY direction.
***Sick Beat of the Night: Chris Cornell You Know My Name.  Best James Bond song in the Best James Bond movie, Casino Royale.  Fight me, Adele!
R3 was all about Daisy Ridley and Ridley Scott.  I love me some Aliens.  And I'm gonna see Covenant.  But come on, Ridley Scott, how many Alien movies do you need?  I'm looking forward to Aliens 22, Electric Boogaloo.  Why not a musical, or a cartoon, or an ice capade version?  As Star Wars goes, Daisy Ridley is cute but she's no Sy Snootles.  Vavoom!
***Team Name of the Night: Werewolves of Natrona Heights.  Sucking up to the quizmaster's musical leanings pays off!  RIP, Warren Zevon.  He was MY Chris Cornell!
In R4 I learned that the designers of Boggle made it so you can't spell FUCK.  Those bastards!  Does that mean there's a market for a new set that lets adults spell more dirty words?  It would be like Cards Against Humanity, but not boring and requiring actual skill.  As far as visual R5 goes, I lived in Texas for the last 8 years and I NEVER saw me a bottle of Gambrinus so don't feel bad if you missed it.
***Best Wrong Answer:  That pan-African game of stealing shells and seeds?  Ramrod said it was Jumanji.
R6Q4 taught us that a Mars bar is just a hyped Milky Way bar.  Bed Bath & Beyonce guessed Aero bar, which is awesome.  It sounds silly, but you know what goes great with chocolate?  Lots of air bubbles!  If only more treats were more vesicular.  It is literally lighter.  Eh, eh?
***Pro Tip: Follow GWD on facebook.  Every night one of the answers is posted, but we don't say what question it's for.  Never know when it might pay off though!
Oh my goodness, R7 was a doozy you guys.  It was hard to guess the celebrities singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game (apparently all at Cubs games?) without context.  Gotta say, Gloria Estefan could really belt it.  I wanted to hear Roseanne Barr's crotch grab though.
R8 did not produce a change in the standings, and everyone jokered.  But NOBODY got the last question about books in the bible named after people that ONLY appear Catholic versions.  That was the crucial bit.  I'm still skeptical that Baruch (obama?), Judith, Tobit, Sirach (hot sauce?) and Solomon are real books.  But I'm sure they're full of...lordly wisdom?
In a mostly solo effort, the night belonged to Kiss Our Blarney Stones again.  Bravo.  Quizmaster Luke is out on vacation next week (The Search for Bigfoot's Aunt) so the inimitable and bearded Scott Smith will be your entertainment.  Show him some love!