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Bullseye Pub
4835 SW Pomona St
Portland, OR
[Thursday 7:30 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


One Tran & Zero Phucs
Budget Sex Toys
I Wish Spicer Was Hiding in MY Bush
Hot Tub Nachos
Too Soon?
Brooks Was Here
I Work Out
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Doomed to be Poor


You guys, I blew it.  I’m going to be poor forever.  This rental market is out of control, the gig economy (what up, quiz job) doesn’t pay for shit, and apparently the biggest factor is I have unknowingly been squandering my chances by eating too many avocado toasts.  I done goofed, and it’s all guacamole’s fault.

This quiz, though.

Round One.  Trump demanding two scoops of ice cream while only allowing everyone else one is a metaphor for his entire life.

Round Four.  Boggle trying to prevent me from saying "fuck"?  Fuck you, boggle.

Round Five.  Here's a fun game: try to convince transplants that "Deschutes" is an Native American word and is pronounced "Dess-ka-hoo-tays".  Look at them like they're racist if they disagree.

Round Eight.  Yeah, Europe's into tricolor flags.  They look pretty simple to us, but our flag probably looks ostentatious and tacky to Europeans.  So yeah, pretty on point representation.

I may be poor, but your quiz abilities remain excellent.  One Tran & Zero Phucs took the win with Budget Sex Toys coming in second.  Rather than trying to order an avocado toast off menu I tried to keep it budget and got some late night happy hour food, the small portion of BBQ Habanero Wings, a Brisket Taco, and my new favorite jam the Spicy Pickle Chips.  I’m going to go check out some cardboard boxes, I’ll see y’all next time.

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