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Oil Horse Brewing Company
101 W Tyler Ave
Longview, TX
[Thursday 6:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Other Guys
Raiders of the Lost Bar
The Following Teams Are Disqualified
Catcher and the Rye Whiskey
Tropic Blunder*
Atlas Chugged
Barley A Team
Youll Never Know Beer How Much I Love You! Please Don't Take My IPA-way
3 Must Get Beers
Titanic Swim Team
The Frankenfurters
Easy Comey, Easy Go
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Everone, Meet the New New Guy

Garrett Pessink

Well we had a special guest Michael join us, another trainee quizmaster and the one who will be holding down the fort in Shreveport, Louisiana. So if you are ever there for anything OTHER than gambling, you know there is at least something else fun to do while you are there.

Our regularly scheduled quiz went according to plan, if the plan was to stump everyone with some pretty intense rounds! Not all your rounds are going to be cakewalks, folks! First place went to the Other Guys, effectively setting themselves apart from the rest of the crowd with their other-ness. Second place was a tie, but a tiebreaker question put The Following Teams Are Disqualified into second place. That left third to go to Raiders of the Lost Bar. Spirit award for Most Dedicated to the Alcohol Literature Pun thing was Catcher in the Rye Whiskey. Best team name went to... Here we go: 

Youll Never Know Beer How Much I Love You! Please Don't Take My IPA-way

They seriously brought a label maker and put that label on every round. It was incredible.

Quiz was a real nail-biter of a round. With two either-or rounds, some pretty intense audio rounds and a way out of left field eighth round that required you to be both Catholic AND Jewish to get all the answers correct, it really threw people for a loop. But hey, not every round could be as neat as that one we had a couple weeks ago. Maybe next weeks quiz will blow everyone out of the water.

For those who liked Michael, I know I did, he probably wont be coming back because he killed it last night and deserves to get started right away. We wish him the best in his quizmastering endeavours!

Anyway, I will catch you all next week! Cheers!

Computer Student by day, Artist and Quizmaster by night. I have had lots of experience talking in front of crowds working in Speech and Debate. I like to sing in the car, draw pictures and cook when I want to impress someone.