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Jackson's All American Sports Grill (Greenwood Village)
7939 E Arapahoe Rd #190
Greenwood Village, CO
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Logans
Kickstart My Smart
X Scotch
3 1/2 Men
Just the Two of Us
Quiz Venue Logo

We Like To Do It The Old-Fashioned Way...


…with the lights off after a few cocktails. Just kidding. Maybe. The lights were on, but tonight at Jackson’s you all got to run your QuizMistress hoarse through the talking and the enunciation. I’m so glad we got to share our analog experience, it was like freshly-pressed vinyl, with the smells, and the drinking, and the bleary raccoon-eyes of a night well-done.

Through rounds all about Browns (Bitch, I’m from Cleveland) and saying the “f” word, the realizations that one should know something because they are French, and endlessly singing the Kit-Kat bar song, we quizzed gloriously and with vigor. Leonardo DiCaprio bonus question prizes helped the evening along. Every time someone won, it was like they were winning TWICE.

Just The Two Of Us manged to gently but persistently troll their QuizMistress with answers – starting with the benign (Go Sports! Go Food!) and transitioning to the inflammatory (Give Me that land now, Bitch), and finally moving right into the reliably Trumpian-Patroit (THIS. IS. AMERICA. But probably Russia). I was able to chuckle all night long.

In other news, we are all going to hell, because no one knows Catholic Bible books. NO ONE.

The Logans steadily rocked their way to the 1st place win, followed by Michean in 2nd place. And then, astoundingly, my eye makeup managed to almost stay in place, and we ended our night together.

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Elise (n): a real life muppet.

Hailing from the great state of Ohio (O-H...I-O!), Elise moved to Denver in May of 2016 and lived in New Mexico for 11 years before that. As such, she believes that the nickname the "Land of Entrapment" for New Mexico no longer applies.

Things Elise can't live without: Diet Coke, good grammar, an exorbitant number of shoes, the Muppets and other various Jim Henson creations, a Downbeat on the One, and the never-ending yet enjoyable search for the perfect Bordeaux. Practice makes perfect...

More often than not, she can name that tune in 2 notes, Tom.