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Tia Juanita's Fish Camp
723 Ryan Street
Lake Charles, LA
[Thursday 6:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Taco Dudes
Synonym Toast Crunch
Our Friends Bailed
Settling for Mediocrity
Chips & Dip
The Shreves
Susan & Marcia
Yoshi Sushi
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Gun Toting Bare Men


There was a pretty wide base of knowledge required to succeed at last night’s quiz, a tricky task for you intrepid quizzers, but you hung in there and put up some respectable scores.  Let’s recap.

Round One, Recently in Stuff, ran through the headlines of the week.  Topics ranged from our illustrious leader’s dessert choices to the hottest dogs in apps.  Round Two featured some samples of songs that all had a secretive side to them.  Usher’s multi-part anthem to getting mistresses pregnant threw all of you for a loop as no team quite nailed down which part it was.  Round Three asked a question I know we all wonder about—what are the differences between Ridley Scott and Daisy Ridley?  The answer: at least eight confirmed differences.  We’ll keep you abreast on this developing situation.  Round Four commemorated Brown v. Board of Education happening this week in history, and asked about Browns and board games. 

Round Five’s visual celebrated American Craft Beer week and tasked you with identifying the state of origin for a handful of craft beers.  Taco Dudes is clearly not a friend-of-Bill and correctly matched all the brews, scoring the only perfect score for the whole night.  Round Six, Guardians and the Galaxy, asked about protectors and the Milky Way.  Would’ve liked to have seen Gamora correct answers here, the scores didn’t exactly Rocket up, maybe next time, bring a Quill for writing for Groot luck.  The best method for a perfect score can definitely be kind of Nebulous.  Don’t like my puns?  I suppose I’m a bit of a ro-Mantis.  Yondu better! Fine, I’ll stop Drax-ing this out.  Round Seven’s audio clips had famous people butchering all forty-five seconds of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.  The scores for this round were almost as bad as their performances.  Random Round Eight kicked you while you were down, with more scores on the low side. 

Second place went to Synonym Toast Crunch and the top spot went to Taco Dudes.  See you next week!

Indecision may, or may not be, one of my problems.