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Indian Roller
10006 Manchaca Rd
Austin, TX
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


hangin around in the superunknown
flying spagetti monster
areloa grande
jenna's side
fuck you, roger ailes
skeet pray love
the bald and the beautiful
investigate my president enact a congressional hearing
not last place
80s moms
we're not crying, you are
something temporary
oh, we're a team now?!
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Let's Get Crunk Cuz Mary's Back


After an incredibly busy day at a 9-to-5 job, there’s nothing better than a smooth-sailing quiz at a great venue full of terrific people to cap the night off. I got to sub again for QM Mary at Indian Roller (AKA My Favorite Venue to Sub At) for the second week in a row, and it was just as delightful as ever. Mary even showed up to help me scorekeep halfway through the quiz, which is what kept the sailing so smooth.

We kicked off a surprising Recently in Stuff round as the first round of the night. And I say it was “surprising” only in that there was only one question about Trump who has been up to a lot more than one question worth of stuff recently. The only question was about how many scoops of ice cream he gets whenever he has dessert. I thought that was just a set-up joke for SNL’s opener last week, but apparently he actually said it in public. #thatsourpresident

Anywho, on to Round 2’s audio clips, which this week featured songs involving keeping and leaking secrets. (So I guess there were technically 8 more questions about Trump in the quiz…) This round was interesting because most teams’ instincts were to just call every song they didn’t recognize “Secrets,” a strategy that paid off a couple of times. I also upset a lot of teams by requiring them to mention the “Part II” of Usher’s Confessions to get their points. But that’s a different song than “Part 1”! I stand by my decision.

Round 3 asked quizzers to identify whether the clues applied to Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley and Alien director Ridley Scott. Round 4 – called Brown vs. Board of Games – asked surprisingly tough questions about people with the last name of Brown and board games. And Round 5 followed the American Craft Beer Week theme, asking our teams to identify the U.S. state in which each labeled craft beer was brewed. Not surprisingly, the beer drinkers in the house did very well on this one. And I even learned how to pronounce Yeungling. (It’s pronounced “ying-ling.”)

Round 6 was a timely bit of quiz knowledge in a round called Guardians and the Galaxy. All of the questions were about either people who protect things or about the Milky Way galaxy. Get it? Best fact of the night: the word “galaxy” comes from the ancient Greek word “galaxias” which literally translates to mean “milk vault.” Hence, why we live in a thing called the Milky Way. Zing!

After Round 7’s video clips of movies featuring characters getting high as hell, Mary and I cranked up the dance music and got everyone dancing. That’s one of my favorite parts of Indian Roller is the freedom that quizzers feel to sing along with Salt n’ Pepa and to dance to Ke$ha when the feeling strikes them. There’s no judgement here, just fun. Keep dancing like you in da club, you crazy kids. If I weren’t scoring rounds like a madman, I would join you…

After Round 8’s weird mix of Random Knowledge, three teams rose up above the competition and claimed the night’s prizes. Areola Grande got 3rd place and $10 toward their tab with 71 points. The Flying Spaghetti Monster took home the 2nd place prize of $20. And beating their runners-up by 4 solid points were the team of Chris Cornell commemorators Hangin’ Around in the Superunknown. They took home the $30 bar tab and bragging rights until next week.

Speaking of next week, QM Mary will be back in the host chair (bench) again next Thursday. I’ll see y’all again when I get the chance. Until then: keep on dancing.

I used to have an eyepatch when I was a kid. I believe there is hope for all of us.