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Fuzzy's Taco Shop
7010 Easy Wind Drive #100
Austin, TX
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Megans
The Witch Hunters
The biscuit heads
5 people
Table Flip
Clam Poetry
Tyrannosaurus Rex Tillersons of Anarchy
Comey is my homie
Kevin James' Asshole
Alternative Facts
Scranton Strangler!
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Blasphemy and Baseball

Pete Rosky

Fuzzy’s Tacos! Where have you been all my life? So, full disclosure, this is only the third venue I’ve ever hosted alone. That being said, Fuzzy’s is fucking AWESOME. The enthusiasm of the quizzers, the laughs, the politeness even in the cutthroat bonus questions… it was exceptional.

But enough about my fun, let’s talk about the quiz! We had 11 teams tonight and it was a tight race to the finish line. That said, first place never missed a step, and dominated their competition. The Megans took first, while right behind them in second place was The Witch Hunters. Kudos to those teams, but the winner of best name of the night goes to Tyrannosaurus Rex Tillersons of Anarchy. Clever girl.

Round one was, of course, Recently in Stuff, with some gems about candy, films, and even basketball. Round two was our first audio round, Russia Probably Already Knows the Answers, which had quizzers simply guessing the song title and artist of the “classified” songs we unclassified. Round three was tied for my favorite of the night, Daisy Ridley or Ridley Scott? I gave clues, you told me if I was talking about Alien’s Ridley Scott or Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Daisy Jazz Ridley. Round four was Brown v. the Board of Games. This was a round about Browns and board games. Whoever wrote this round is clearly not a fan of The Cleveland Show, which is an opinion I don’t share. Round five was our visual round all about one of my favorite things, BEER. Round six was Guardians and the Galaxy, a round all about protectors and the Milky Way. It closed with a question about the sadly underwhelming Guardians, a Russian film featuring a gun-toting Bear-Man. Round seven was the second audio round, and tied for my favorite round, eight clips of celebrities butchering Take Me Out to the Ball Game. While teams struggled with this one, we laughed heartily, and patriotically played Donald Trump’s one extra time and stood at attention. I even took my cap off. Round eight, of course, was Random Knowledge. Teams did surprisingly well in this tough, sixteen point, round.

This was super fun, and I want to thank Fuzzy’s and their patrons for being so good to me. 

Also, did you know we’re doing a themed quiz about The Office? You should go!

n00b Quizmaster in Austin, TX. Prog rock enthusiast, movie nerd, smart ass, lovable oaf.