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Vines on Clark
3554 N. Clark St
Chicago, IL
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Half Priced Apps
The B Team
Soft Bro Fisting
Drinkers With A Teaching Problem
Ride It
Writer's Block
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Nothing Against Spanish Cities


I've been to Spain. It's very nice. I didn't mean to say Spanish shitty. I swear.

We had quite a competitive night! There were a few rounds where everyone was within a couple points of each other. And then we got to Round 7 where no one knew who was singing. It's ok.. if it's hard for you then it might be hard for everyone!

Favorite Team Name: Soft Bro Fisting. Sounds like something from a Cards Against Humanity game.

Favorite Answer: Pretty much everyone writing SECRETS for songs they didn't know in Round 2.

In the end, Half Priced Apps held onto the lead they had the whole time. The B Team took Second Place (hey-that was an appropriate name!)

Thanks for coming out last night! Hope we all learned something new.

See ya next Thursday at 8!


I'm the guy on the mic eating buffalo chicken in some form or another in between questions.