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At Ease Games
8990 Miramar Rd. #150
San Diego, CA
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Potestates Distinctae
The Bartenders know nothing and neither do these guys
Mitch & Lauren Inc
How did we get here?
Death Star Janitors
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Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We're all going to die. Come watch TV.

QM April

Dudes, I feel busier than a one armed lady in a butt pinching contest (I know the phrase is something else, but let me channel my inner Tina Belcher for a moment, okay?)! I quizzed in Palmdale on Wednesday and on Thursday I was at the always awesome At Ease at Barrel Harbor. Then this weekend, I spend 48 sleepless hours making a movie. I’m not really a filmmaker, but once a year I pretend I am. Wish me luck!

But you didn’t come to hear about my hare-brained weekend plans did you? You came to hear about quiz. As usual, you guys brought the radness and I brought the potentially F bomb laden questions! Also, somebody finally commented on my awesome Lovecraft/Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends shirt. I’ve been wearing it to various quizzes for months, wanting acknowledgement, and I knew you were the place with enough esoteric knowledge to appreciate it.

With all the not so secret any more secrets (Soon, Mr. President), we had a music round on secret titles. It was pretty hard, because a lot of the titles were VERY similar. Also, we are a bunch of old people who only know the Beatles and Styx and have never heard of One Republic. I feel you, I’m there with you. Though we had a tiny person (and by “tiny person” I mean a young little dude of 3 or so) jamming to my old school jamz playlist. I approve little dude, you can bust a move!

I also got some great erotic doodles. It is always a good day when someone sends you all nostalgic for junior high with silly drawings of dicks. Because, hey dicks! You’re probably also giggling right now. This is not to be confused with the not welcome dick pic. Though I suppose I’d probably giggle just as much if you sent me a picture of your penis. #SickBurn

So, after all that, how did folks do? Well, first timer Simon really had a good time and everyone cheered him on. I used to be that super shy person in the corner, and now look at me! (I’m not even kidding here.) Hat’s off to you, Simon; even I don’t have the courage to quiz alone. Speaking of lone quizzers, it was good to see Spamalot again, and she always has the best nerdiest team names! Somehow The Death Star Janitors didn’t show up on film; probably because their manager wasn’t wearing a uniform, and he used the Force to wipe my camera of his ignominy. Newcomers Why Are We Here? performed admirably, especially considering they didn’t know it was quiz night! In second place, we had Potestates Distinctae which is super fancy Latin for separate powers. HAHAHAHAAHA, not any more buddy! And breaking their LOOOOOONG third place streak FIRST PLACE FINISHERS Smartasses!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! See you in the funnies!

April can be found all over town, if you look hard enough. Many fingers in many pies, that one.