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Railroad Seafood Station & Brewing Co.
1214 N Chaparral St
Corpus Christi, TX
[Thursday 7:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Arts & Crafts Beer
Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Scandals... So We Put A Scandal In Your Scandal While You Scandal
Salty Patch Kids
Googles Team Name
Russian To Comey Get Us
Quiz Venue Logo

S or.... D?


Quiz bloggin and it feels so good. Super glad to be back at my home quiz. Last week I had the lovely Andi Day sub for me at my regular quiz at Railroad Seafood Station And Brewing Company. This week I was back and ready to quiz down for what ***** Trap Drop*****

The quizzers were hungry last night. Yes, probably physically hungry, but also hungry in a metaphorical way like an olympic athlete might feel about a gold medal, or a gambler might feel about a stack of chips. I was just physically hungry so Andi and I shared a fried appetizers plate. Yum. Quiz results were close, down to the wire. Our first place team Arts And Crafts Beer, barely squeezed by team Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Scandals... So We Put A Scandal In Your Scandal While You Scandal and the true winners in my book, team Salty Patch Quiz were close behind. It was truly a photo finish.

I truly am thankful for my venue’s overwhelming support of quiz. Our bar manager, Mr. Sean Sutherland, truly took it to the next level by requesting Bears, Beets, And Bonus Questions: An Office Quiz from the big wigs over at Geeks Who Drink headquarters. They obliged us with a “sure!”, and we began brainstorming fun stuff we can do that night (June 15th, 2017) make sure you go register ASAP. Here is the link to register:


And here is a link if you are curious about the rules or requirements for this cash prize theme quiz:


This will be our first theme quiz at Railroad Brewing Co. so you can expect it to be crazy fun. Do not hesitate to dress up. Andi and I will be.

Xoxox love and farts

Your fave quizmaster


P.s. if you come up to me at the next quiz and whistle the entire ABC’s I will give you a special prize.