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Flying Mouse Brewery
221 Precast Way
Troutville, VA
[Thursday 6:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Quizzed My Pants Pt. 2
The Higher, The Fewer
Kyle Rainer
Quizzed My Pants
No Name
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Take me out to the...... brewery! Take me out and let's quizzzz


Last night was a blast! I'm happy to be back, I got stuck in the middle of no where last week because I blew up an intercom system... yeesh. Do you like my terrible attempt at take me out to the ballgame? I'll resist singing, cause the only time I should be allowed to sing is when the music can drown me out.

Frank just now informed me that there is no air conditioning in the building, it was pretty hot yesterday and we had the garage door wiiidee open and the fans blasting. I can handle the heat, the question is... CAN THE QUIZZERS?!

There were two teams starting out, Budnippers and Quizzed My Pants. But Budnippers left after the second round, so Quizzed My Pants split up! Brittany kept her team name, so I called her Quizzed My Pants Part 2, Dustin played as Kyle Rainer, Dan was No Name and Tony was The Higher, The Fewer. They had lots of fun playing against each other in a little friendly competition. Seems like Brittany is becoming a master quizzer, as no one could take first place away from her all night. I was a little insulted that Kyle thought that Mr. T singing "Take me out the ballgame" was Lenny from Motorhead -- like brah, let's not disrespect the memory of Lenny like that. :p

Brittany also got every single answer right for the craft beer round, this lady knows her beers. Good thing we play in a brewery, cause Frank makes some dope beer, he had finally had my favorite out again, the pale ale. Soooo good!

I preached to everyone the need to go home and watch Bojack Horseman because it's the best show ever. None of us read the Catholic Bible, because we're a bunch of heathens, so we didn't get any of those correct. Brittany asked me which naughty word you can't spell in Boggle, and I gladly obliged with the answer, because you know I love saying bad words on the mic in front of tons of people.

Quizzed My Pants Part 2 took home the grand prize last night! Kyle Rainer, and The Higher, the Fewer got a little bit of bonus bucks. And I'm sure they will all be back next week to take on you fools that didn't show up!! ;)