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Hamburger Mary's (Hollywood)
8288 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA
[Monday 7:30 pm]
Thursday, Feb 16, 2017


The Trashbags
Cousin Josh’s Waist Line
Dorian Corey’s Mummified Lover
Touched By an Uncle
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I missed the bus to Stars Hollow


I’m not saying that I’ll never watch it, but I’m saying its most likely that I’ll never watch it and I’m okay with it.  With the number of Netflix shows I want to watch, and just other things floating around (The Path, is that good?) I’m probably just not going to get to Gilmore Girls, because Poirot and Midsummer Murders are just so great and there’s a ton of those murder mysteries.  See, at every turn there is just another show.

And after talking about Jesse’s Girl and how good of a song that was in Boogie Nights I’ll have to watch that movie, and maybe a few more Paul Thomas Anderson films, because those are just fun.  Except Magnolia, I’m not watching that one again…. but There Will Be Blood… I love to drink other peoples milkshakes. 

Well that’s enough rambling, let’s try to have a productive conversation about what last night’s quiz was actually about.  Connecticut. No, not Stars Hollow or whatever it was, but I did have two questions that brought up Hartford and UConn. 

We had a nice music round about the Seven Deadly Sins, then a very interesting round 3 with actors who have played the same role. 

Moving on, we had a whole round on Netflix and Chill (Original programming and Antartica) and then a visual round that I thought was perfect.  It was famous world leaders shaking hands and you got photos like Nixon and Elvis, and even someone who looked suspiciously like Morgan Freeman. 

The video round was there to annoy you, and you’re welcome. 

So after all those rounds and discussions on what a National Wilderness Area is we had Dorian Corey’s Mummified Lover come in 3rd place, Cousin Josh’s Waist Line in 2nd, but they could not catch The Trashbags

And let’s not forget about our talk about storing nuclear waste on Antartica; or better we don’t even give the world that option.

Southern California native, Jacy grew up in Long Beach CA, where he learned how to survive surburbia in an old Volkswagen and slanging foam at chain coffee shops.  He later moved to Los Angeles proper to attend UCLA where he has a BA in History.  You can find him attending comedy shows, strange music venues, and eating a lot throughout Los Angeles.