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San Francisco Rose
3024 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, Feb 16, 2017


Quizlamic State
There Are More TVs Than People Here…
The Ever-Angry Bears
The Notorious DDDs
A Ginger, A Blonde, and A Dick Walk Into A Bar
I Hate Myself
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The Frigid Virgin

dammit kevin

I was a little surprised how many teams thought it was true that countries could dump small amounts of nuclear (or nuk-u-lur if you’re George W – but if you’re reading my blog then you probably aren’t) waste in Antarctica. I mean, come on, the world is pretty messed up but that’s our last pure continent. It’s been saving itself for years and it’s practically a virgin still (oral doesn’t count, right?). As such, there are international agreements to take care of it and treat it like a glass snowflake (not sure where I got that metaphor or even what is meta is actually for). So, there’s a big No Dumping sign in Antarctica right next to the sign that says “Your mom doesn’t work here. Clean up after yourself.”

Tonight’s quiz was won pretty handily by Quizlamic State. They were in second going into Round 8 when the Round 8 turf monster grabbed the feet of There Are More TVs Than People Here… and brought them down to second with an audible crashing sound. The weak R8, combined with a strong R8 by Quizlamic State propelled them to the win. The Ever-Angry Bears and The Notorious DDDs (or more like DDDDDDDs tonight since there were so many of you – did you entice additional players by promising Kidz Bop airplay?) were left out in the cold in third and fourth, respectively.

A Ginger, A Blonde, and A Dick Walk Into A Bar (and play quiz) had a good showing tonight but Round 3 and Round 4 probably cost them any chance of placing. I Hate Myself must have decided that they hate me, too, and left early – it’s ok, I love you anyway, just like all parents who are secretly disappointed in their children. That leaves the newcomer, Fugazi, as the only team I haven’t mentioned – it was their first time to play with us and l think they’ll be back for more after a great debut performance.

I like turtles