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32 Exchange Pl
Salt Lake City, UT
[Monday 7:00 pm]
Monday, Feb 13, 2017


Fantastic Butts and WHere to Find them
The Dong Abides
88 Cookies
Wrong Side of the Bar
Operation hotmother
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You Have a New Match on E-Misssionary


Helllllooo quizzers! Monday night was another fabulous evening of drinks, laughs, and questions about things ranging in topic from arguable racial diversity all the way to Japanese meal etiquette. 

Round 1 was “Recently in Stuff” where most of you found out for the first time that Disney owns ESPN. Pro Tip: if it exists on this earth, assume Disney owns it. They tend to package themselves as children’s entertainment, but don’t be fooled. They are a massive international conglomerate which owns the likes of Vice Media, Lifetime, History Channel, and Touchstone Pictures, and, formerly, Miramax Films (makers of Kill Bill, Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Transpotting, and Full Frontal). If it can be packaged and sold to a hungry audience, Disney will happily handle that package.

Round 2 was an audio round on songs that the artists stated they actually hate. At the end of the play list was Lady Gaga’s Telephone featuring Queen B, one of whom said that they hated the video. I’m not sure which one, but either of them should be HONORED to have worked with either of them. 

Our Round 8 random knowledge round began by asking about Mark and Luke the gospel writers, asking what “E” word they would be called since they weren’t apostles. The word I was looking for was Evangelist, but I ended up with one answer which was probably my favorite of my entire quizmaster career: E-MISSIONARY. I’m guessing someone was leaning too heavily on cultural context in Utah when they thought up that one. 

It was a pretty close game, nobody really jumping ranks until the very end. The Dong Abides held a pretty healthy lead through round seven, but fell to 3rd after a disastrous round 8, paving the way for a SCROTUS victory. My favorite team name Fantastic Butts and Where to Find Them pulled a last minute 2nd place victory, beating The Dong Abides by just 1 point. 

Thank you all for coming! Be sure to tell all your friends, co workers, family, fellow members of any religious cult you may be a member of, and that cute dental assistant you’ve been eyeing about Geeks Who Drink quiz night, every Monday at Twist.