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Water Tank, The
7309 McNeil Rd
Austin, TX
[Tuesday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017


I'm sure Donald Trump is pissed
Gelfling death squad
tank teabaggers
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Get your Wiz on While you Quiz On


Sometimes stuff happens mid-quiz and you have to stop and talk about it. Like the super uncomfirmed but somehow still out there story that Donald Trump paid some Russian prostitutes to pee on a bed that Obama slept in. 

So of course, I allowed teams to change their names if they wanted to, which the team formerly known as douchenozzels chose to do. They became I Bet Donald Is Pissed. Nice.

We had 3 double point rounds last night, which lead to many folks using their Joker on a round that wasn't round 8. That means that we headed into Round 8 knowing that any team could win. Unfortunately, every team got almost the exact same score, holding the standings tight as they were in Round 7. Womp womp. 

Tank Teabaggers had, I believe, their strongest showing in terms of score to date. Yes, the extra 16 point round could have something to do with it, but across the board, they scored rather high on most rounds, and outscored the first place team a couple of times. You guys are really catching on! 

Gelfling Deathsquad was, perhaps, one of my favorite team names. I tried to find a Gelfling supercut on Youtube... and it doesn't exist. Can someone please make that ASAP? Kthx.

I did have a favorite question of the night, and it involved Giraffe Death, a mediocre movie, and Admiral Akbar. Suffice it to say... Don't eat that! It's a TARP

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