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The Wayward Lamb
150 W Broadway
Eugene, OR
[Tuesday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017


Trump's Hands Make My Dick Look Big
Pretty Prolapse
It's Complicated
Hawk & Chick
Lex's Dads
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The Benefits of Sharing

Nate Fincher

So, this may become a thing. Last night we ran a special at the bar where if you shared the event on facebook and showed the bartender, our beautiful Meredith, then she would give you happy hour prices all night! So, folks, it could really benefit you to keep an eye on facebook for trivia events. Make sure you’re following “Geeks Who Drink – Eugene” and the “Wayward Lamb” on facebook. If this becomes a thing, that’s where you’ll hear about it first!

Team names last night were both inventive and descriptors of the team members. Lex’s Dads sat up at the bar, but no Lex was seen…she must be underage and dads had the night out! Bitche$ down by the door were ready to take anyone’s money, but be careful, their bark may not be as bad as their bite! Hawk & Chick sat right next to me and oh boy were they a cute couple! It’s complicated sat in front of me at the bar…the only complication I saw was that short shirt riding up one’s back…more distracting that complicating, lol. They managed to get themselves securely into third place. Much better than they thought they were gonna get!

Our top two teams, Pretty Prolapse and Trump’s Hands Make My Dick Look Big, kept it pretty tight but a well played joker on the 16pt visual round got Trump’s little hands into the top slot with a solid 5 point lead! Finally someone who legit dethroned Pretty Prolapse!

Don’t forget to get linked up on the book of face! See you next Tuesday!

Sometimes in the mundane and sometimes in the ultra fabulous! You never know if you're gonna get QM Nate or QM Faye Kit-Knightly, Eugene's only bald drag queen! But beware the sharp tongued, always crass, and rarely loving QM who can be found twice a week, Tuesdays at the Wayward Lamb and Thursdays at Shoryuken League, both nights at 8pm!