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Burke's Public House
5401 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL
[Tuesday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017


Hobby Lobbyists
I Thought This Was AA
Tequila Bubbles
Hangry Velociraptors
Hardwater Refugees
Ms Manager
Western Winds
Green Pandas
Slap and Tickle
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The Answer Is Blackfish


Hey guys! A cold blustery day to be sure, but I'm glad those of you who made it down did because its wouldn't have been Quiz without you... Well I mean it would have been Quiz, but it wouldn't have been exactly the same... I mean I would ahve asked the same questions whether you were there or not... you know what? I'm just glad you were there is all. :)

We learned a lot at Quiz last night:

We learned about Pakistan and its relation to Hyrule.

We listened to some cowboy covers... some of which were better than others.

We used our  minds eye to recall some famous works of art.

Even though I went to art school I learned that the apple face guy is named "Son of Man" which reminded me that they played the song "Son of Man" during the part in Thomas Crown Affair where they are al dressed like him... Crazy.

I ruined the game for one question.

I talked about the dickery involved with hanging an elephant.

We all knew that Old Yeller got rabies but we didn't know how.

We learned where the Mona Lisa was painted and recovered.

We learned you can lift a 200 carat diamond with ease.

We listened to some fake Doctors.

We remembered Boy Scout popcorn and we shuddered.

We learned GWD is anti-Burning Man.

And when in doubt, Nine comes before Ten.

As for the scores:

We had Tequila Bubbles in 3rd with 85 points!

We had I Thought This Was AA in 2nd with 91 points!

And our new champions with 93 points: Hobby Lobbyist!

Congratulations to everyone who played and I'll see you guys next week Tuesday at 8!


Everything I learned about what is great in life I first learned from my parents.

My comedy comes from my dad who is the funniest guy I know. He would throw on Monty Python

records when I was a kid and laugh until he cried. He also introduced me to some of comedy's most

renowned classics.


Python? Check!

Martin? Check!

Carlin? Check and check!

I could go on, but you get the point.


So, if you find yourself enjoying my personal brand of humor, just know I stole it from my father 

and the hoist up a cold one for Bruce. :)


From my mother I inherited a deep love of books and movies. I have a personal movie collection of

300+ and my mother's collection puts mine to shame. I can talk movies for hours and its all due to my

dear sweet mother who has a special place in her heart for giant animal movies. Lake Placid, anyone?


So thats me in a nutshell. I'm a born and raised, comedy loving, movie nerd with a helluva Marvel Comics