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Bethany Public House
4840 Northwest Bethany Boulevard
Portland, OR
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017


Rural Jurors
Rose Marie's Jacket Snow What? That's What
Sno Money Sno Problems
I can't pronounce this
Snowpocalypse 2017: We All Gon' Die!!
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A little party never killed snowbody

Christie B

Oh the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL! What a snowy evening! We got close to an inch of snow on the ground in the one hour that we were quizzin’ tonight at Bethany Public House! We had a great showing of brave warriors who wouldn’t let a little snow keep them from their chance at glory.

Twas a fun night – we did a slightly abbreviated quiz, but made it through 6 strong rounds! I learned something very important tonight. My regulars at Bethany Public House know the shit out of celebrity names. Three out of five competing teams got perfect scores on our unusual 16-point visual round tonight where they had to identify celebrity dopplegangers. I was muy impressed.

I was a little disappointed however, as I learned that many of my quizzers don’t give a diddley do about Beyonce. That makes me sad, but I’ll forgive them eventually. We had 2 Beyonce related questions tonight, and it was a little struggly across the board. C’mon people, study up on the Queen Bey! (BRB, going to watch Lemonade again real quick).

In first place, with an impressive 80 points, was Rural Jurors!

In second place trailing by only 4 points, was Rose Marie’s Jacket: Snow What? That’s What!

I hope everyone got home safely! Stay warm, Portland!

Hiya buddies! I'm Christie. I originally come from Cape Cod, MA where I grew up proudly as a Masshole. I relocated to Hillsboro, OR for a job in high tech. So far, Oregon is treating me well, except since everything's so green here, I'm allergic to all of it. Come see me at Bethany Public House on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM.