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Bethany Public House
4840 Northwest Bethany Boulevard
Portland, OR
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016


Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving
The Rest of Our Team is in Labor
Short Bus Army
Colors that End in Urple
Trail Boozers
The Kidney Stones
Uncommon Denominators
Fins Up
Totz 'N Grass
Imaginary Friends with Benefits
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The Finch Who Stole Christmas

Christie B

Happy Holidays! Are you in the holiday spirit yet? I wasn’t for a while, but I think I’m getting close. I’ve eaten, like, 5 mini candy canes per day for the past week, which I think means I’m super spirited. Plus the holidays are a good excuse to buy things and wear things that are glittery without people getting mad at you when glitter ends up on them, so that’s my jam.

It was packed last night at quiz! ALL of the tables were taken in the Bethany Public House back room. I love it when it’s busy, all the energy in the room makes me super hyped up. J

We had a couple of fun holiday themed rounds in tonight’s quiz! Round 3 was a round about holiday TV specials and Capote holiday short stories. Round 4 had a few questions about elves. The video round was clips from holiday episodes of TV. Wicked fun!

One of my favorite moments from the quiz came during Round 6 about Dutch painters. Everyone’s favorite subject!! Anywho, there was a question about the title shared by Carel Pabritius and a novel by Donna Tartt. One team, who was feeling the Christmas joy, wrote, “The Finch Who Stole Christmas”. They were close because the answer was The Goldfinch. But it was hilarious.

Congratulations to our winners!

Second Place: The Rest of Our Team is in Labor

The Winnahs: Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

(Also, congratulations to the team members who were in labor! I hope your baby came out cute!)

See y’all next Tuesday!

Hiya buddies! I'm Christie. I originally come from Cape Cod, MA where I grew up proudly as a Masshole. I relocated to Hillsboro, OR for a job in high tech. So far, Oregon is treating me well, except since everything's so green here, I'm allergic to all of it. Come see me at Bethany Public House on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM.