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Bethany Public House
4840 Northwest Bethany Boulevard
Portland, OR
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016


Mid Level nerds
Three's Company
Scotty Doesn't Know
The Pacific North Midwesterners
Wine Time
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Super festive!

Christie B

At this week's quiz, I e=was remarkably festive. Not Thanksgiving-y festive, as you might have guessed, since quiz was 2 days before Thanksgiving. Nope! I was Christmas-y! Now, violates a personal rule that I made with myself to not start Christmas music, dress, or other cheer prior to the day after Thanksgiving.

Regardless, I spent the day at a holiday themed private event, and I take advantage of every provided opportunity to wear something silly or dumb in public. So I showed up to quiz in my holiday outfit, which consisted of a red dress, red tights, an argyle sleeveless cardigan with Christmas cookies on it, wreath earrings, a poinsettia-patterned scarf, and a headband that made it look like Santa'a legs were sticking upside down out of the top of my head.

This put me in a wonderful mood, so we had a great quiz! 6 teams came out, and it was a great showing of wits and wisdom!

One team got a perfect 16 points on Round 8: Random Knowledge, which I've never seen in over a year of Quizmastering. It was crazy impressive! They also jokered that round, which set up Jigglypuff for a massive win over the competition. Taking home the second place prize was Mid-Level Nerds, one of my most winningest returning teams. 

See you all next week!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya buddies! I'm Christie. I originally come from Cape Cod, MA where I grew up proudly as a Masshole. I relocated to Hillsboro, OR for a job in high tech. So far, Oregon is treating me well, except since everything's so green here, I'm allergic to all of it. Come see me at Bethany Public House on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM.